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Men demand so much from their shoes not just for everyday wear but for work in industry and moreover for casual activities they enjoy. Knowing you have the right kind of footwear to suit and withstand all these needs is important for the modern man. The designer shoes you need are expensive and great for special events. For every day wear, brogues are the perfect smart solution which can be dressed down or dressed up. Moccasins are great for casual wear as they are so roomy and comfortable because of the way they are made. Meanwhile, for work activities and sports redwing shoes have the durability and comfort to last.

How Brogues took Over the Shoe Industry
Brogues are most often made with full grain leather, the best standard of leather available. Brogue detailing is worked into the shoe. Serration along the visible edges of the leather also create that distinguished brogue effect. They originated as a type of shoe manufactured in Scotland that was originally made for outdoor wear in country settings. Nowadays, however they are felt to be appropriate in most contexts. The best brogues are often made from premium grade Calf leather. Welting on a sole makes the shoe last longer as does the way the brogue is made; for example if it has been handcrafted. They are also known as Oxford shoes.

Moccasins can provide the Ultimate Comfort
Moccasins are an interesting shoe that can be made for indoor and outdoor wear. They are so comfortable because they are made from just one piece of leather which forms the sole and sides which is then stitched at the top. The name for moccasins comes from the Powhatan language which is from indigenous tribes of North America. The shoe can be made from deerskin or soft leather. They can also be made from sheepskin as done in New Zealand and Australia or from moose-hide. The moccasin top can be added to a soft sole for indoor wear or a harder sole for outdoor wear.

How Redwing Shoes are made
Redwing shoes are a special type of shoes that originated in the early twentieth century, around the time of 1905 by a shoe seller called Charles Beckman. He saw the need for a shoe that would withstand the heavy use associated with the logging, farming and mining industries. Puritan stitch machines stitch onto special premium Red Wing grade leather. The leather is full grain, water resistant and has a soft foot-bed for extra comfort. They are made by Norwegian Welt construction to make an extra strong shoe and are sold as lace ups with a moccasin toe.

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