Refreshing Ideas For Your Home This Holiday Season

Fall is the perfect time to assess your home’s décor and make small repairs and changes that could greatly impact the overall look of your home. We are right before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, so you’ll thank yourself later for taking the time now to complete these tasks, so you’re not left with a huge mess when you’re at your busiest. These changes are both easy to complete and inexpensive, and once complete, you’ll have the home you’ve always wanted to celebrate the holidays with the people you love the most.

  • Clean Your Shutters:If you decided to install plantation shutters in your home to give it an understated beauty and sophistication, you know the importance of keeping those shutters clean. You’re not doing yourself or your home any favors if your shutters are unkempt, and waiting too long could make for a tough job. Weekly maintenance will save you lots of time and annoyance. Depending on the type of plantation shutters you have, you should use a static duster to remove the dust and debris from your shutters. Just close your shutters completely and dust with downward strokes. Once complete, reverse the louvers and do the same with the other side. When cleaning the shutters, make sure to only use a wood-friendly cleaner to wipe down your shutters if you have wood shutters. Otherwise, you’ll damage and warp the wood.
  • Replace Outlet Covers and Plates: Outlet covers get worn and dirty over time – especially if you have children. You can have a great paint job and clean windows and shutters, but if your outlet covers are marked up with food, dirt or whatever, your home is not going to look well-kept. If they need more than a cleaning, white outlet covers are easy to install and incredibly cheap at any home improvement store.
  • Paint the Front Door: You don’t judge a book by its cover – unless you’re everybody. Let’s face it; the front door is the first impression anyone will have when they come to your home. If your front door is marked up, worn down or its color doesn’t match the rest of your home, it’s time to freshen it up. Painting your front door should take no longer than an afternoon, and once you’re done, you won’t feel shame when people come knocking.

These are just several of the many things you should do this fall season. Clean plantation shutters, new outlet covers and a freshly painted front door are simple, inexpensive ways to make your home prime this holiday season.

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