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‘Flawless and Flamboyant’
It’s rightly said that “beauty is skin deep”. Healthy looking skin not only reflects your healthy lifestyle but also your positive attitude. If your skin is prone to acnes, here are simple tips to get rid of those zits.

Water way
Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day results in healthy looking skin. Water purifies your system and there by resulting in fresh glowing skin. You could start with consuming 3 glasses and then increase it to 8-10 glasses.

Go Green
Add lot of green leafy vegetables to your meals. These are not only low in fat and calories but also high in dietary fiber which is excellent for a beautiful looking skin. Even the USDA which is the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends consuming an average of 3 to 5 servings of vegetables on a daily basis. You could either boil the vegetables or have a soup or make a nice green salad and have your greens.

Green Tea
Well there isn’t a magic wand to solving your acne problems. And if there is some sort of an exception it – it is about having green tea. The benefits of green tea are too many. Firstly it detoxifies your system as it is rich in antioxidants. It also reactivates the dying cells on your skin and thereby making your skin look younger. What’s more it also reduces the damage that the UV rays of sun causes to your skin. It is a great source of vitamins like C, D and K which help the skin to look fresh.

Exercise your way!
Exercising is the best way to remain fit. We often get clogged into our routines and competitive world avoiding the little things that lend us a healthy lifestyle. Even 20 minutes of workout everyday can make a lot of difference to your life. You could opt for brisk walking, swimming, or hit the gym. Even things like taking your kids for cycling, jogging in the park, gardening or simply window shopping can be beneficial. So take out time for yourself and bring back that glow on your skin as well.

Eat Right!
We all know the advantages of eating the right food for a better skin. But we all time and again fall into the trap of the delicacies which are not exactly good for health. Avoid eating high calorie food and deep fried food. Make changes in the way you cook your food and use minimum oil. If you don’t need to deep fry your food – just shallow fry it or just bake it. Make a deliberate shift towards salads, green vegetables, fruits, juices and soups. Eating right food not only improves your skin but also at the end of the day will lend you immense satisfaction of having successfully shunned off those unwanted foods from your intake.

Not everyone is blessed with a naturally flawless looking skin. But if you avoid the flaws in your diet, a glowing beautiful skin can be your asset too. So gear up and make those changes for better!

The author is a content writer for and has written many articles on topics related to Skin Care, Acne, Hair Care and Hair Fall due to the changing HGH levels.