Report Your Accident At Work In An App

Report Your Accident At Work In An App

Developers at LightSwitch are working hard to make reporting an accident at work as easy as possible with an app for iPhone.

There are two apps intended for employees and managers in the workplace, which assess the types of accident that need to be reported to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Some common accidents at works include falls from height, slips, trips and falls, construction and loading bay accidents when materials fall onto workers – and accidents in the workplace involving industrial machinery.

Every year workers suffer serious and life changing injuries through simple lapses in health and safety procedures, often involving a lack of risk assessment before a job was started.

Agricultural accidents on farms are some of the most common – and often most serious – type of industrial accident, as farmers and agricultural staff often work alone with heavy machinery.

Lack of training on machinery in the workplace can mean inexperienced workers suffering devastating injuries through no fault of their own – but even experienced workers can suffer injuries through a split second lapse in concentration or failure to follow safety guidelines, such as when cleaning machinery or blockages in a production line.

Minor injuries can also develop into a more serious condition, especially when head or crush injuries are involved – and knowing what type of accident should be reported to the HSE can help managers make the correct decision about what to report and when

The Accidents At Work HTML Sample App for managers is actually an accident manager, with each type of accident given a code, with the format enabling employee details and accident details to be logged quickly and efficiently.

The sorts of accident which should be reported include:

  • Fall on level ground
  • Fall from height
  • Needlestick injury
  • Car accident
  • Injury by moving object, etc.

Once an accident is logged, the app indicates whether it needs to be reported by highlighting the entry on the system in red. The app also makes a permanent record of all accidents logged for future reference.

This information can be vital if an HSE investigation is launched and the company’s accident record is inspected. Accidents being investigated are also highlighted on the app.

The LightSwitch Accidents at Work HTML Sample apps are still in development, but soon reporting an accident at work will be a lot simpler, with an app to tell both workers and managers when to report a workplace injury.

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