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Space restriction is a constraint that most of us have to deal with when furnishing a bedroom. Whether it is due to the size of the room itself or just because we tend to accumulate more and more things to store over the years, we are always on the lookout for space optimisation ideas and tips.

Have you ever considered investing in an ottoman bed as an answer to your bedroom space restrictions? Ottoman beds offer tremendous storage capacity that remains completely hidden, allowing you to get all that mess out of your sight! This type of bed features lots of advantages, including a large and discreet storage capacity and ease of access.

Functionality and versatility are becoming key ingredients in furniture design today and ottoman beds are pieces of furniture that are growing in popularity accordingly. While we commonly thought of an ottoman bed as a boring bed frame bare of charm, designers and manufacturers have realised that we, consumers, tend more and more to value the style as much as the versatility in design, especially for everyday furniture.

You will be surprised by the wide variety of ottoman bed styles there are on the market today. Depending on your preferences you can choose an ottoman bed made of solid wood, faux or genuine leather and also upholstered in fabric.

Faux Leather Ottoman Bed

Whether faux or genuine, leather furniture will always suggest luxury and sophistication. Leather beds are appreciated for their elegance and an ottoman is no exception. A great wayto expand your bedroom storage without compromising on neither space nor style as shown on the image below.

Wooden Ottoman Bed

Wood also has great decorating potential and easily goes with any bedroom style.

Upholstered Ottoman Bed

Whether you like your bed to come with a foot end or not you can choose how you prefer to access the storage area. Ottoman beds designed with a side opening will generally have a footboard, unlike to those that can be opened by the foot end.

Side Opening Ottoman Bed

Foot Opening Ottoman Bed

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