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Review: Maruti A Star VXi Aktiv

Maruti have always been nice to its consumers in terms of pricing. The low price will allow almost everyone who can afford to buy a car, to buy a car and the driving experience is smooth as well. The VXi Aktiv is the second variant of the car Maruti A Star. The car’s engine is powerful, the performance is stunning, the driver experiences are superb and everything works just perfectly. This pretty little car is not like your typical car, it’s targeted to export to the European market. And to export more youth towards this car, Maruti has released a limited version in the market which is called the Maruti A Star Aktiv. The car naturally poses a lot of changes both in the exterior and interior, and that sets it apart from the normal A star.

The big changes are in the exterior. As you can see above, the model has a lot of sporty decals in its body. Look at the side rear view mirrors, red and black. Definitely a look that the youths would love and the car is actually targeted at them. The frontal part has gotten changes too. The large air inlet and the chrome grilles add a different level of beauty to the car. There are two fog lamp spaces in the front, in the picture which is filled with a red cap-like thing. The red and white front part is amazing! There headlamp is single barrel, but there’s another barrel on top of it, where the indicator lights are placed. No bumper in the front but the front itself looks like the shape of a bumper. The wheel is nicely fitted in its place. If you pay high, you get alloy wheels and they look absolutely stunning in this car.

The rear side is not so special but a little different from the other rivals. The rear windshield is flat and just below that, the back hatch is protruding a little to the outer side. This gives more spaces inside the hatch, and gives a different look to the car. The tail-lamps look pretty cool.

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The dual tone interior looks great. The black dash panel and the beige colored seats and everything else – this contrast is cool. You get adjustable headrests in the rear seats, you can fold the rear seats as well to keep more stuffs. The dash panel looks like before, decent and cool. There’s a dash panel in front of the passenger seat and an empty space where you can keep some of your belongings. The power windows are convenient as they are supposed to be.

Moving into power, the engine cylinder displacement is 998 cc, which is actually a powerful engine for a car of this size. The engine is a 1.0L KB series petrol engine. The maximum power that the engine delivers to the car is 67 PS at 6200 rpm, and the maximum torque is 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. The car runs on petrol and the transmission is manual. The tank holds 35 liters of petrol, which can run the car for about 17.4 kilometers with per liter of fuel. The car takes only 14.9 seconds to speed up to 100 kmh. Top speed of this vehicle is 153 kmh.

Taking every matter into consideration I would say, undoubtedly this is one of the best cars in the industry at this price. The A Star VXi Aktiv is priced 4,19,340 rupees at New Delhi. If you are interested, head to your nearest Maruti dealership and place your order.

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