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Overview of the Amana 25 ASD2522WRB Refrigerator

  • 25.1-Cubic feet total capacity
  • Energy Star qualified
  • PUR water and ice filter
  • Temp assure freshness controls
  • Control lockout

For my independent Amana 25 refrigerator review I have looked at some of the features in more detail than you would normally find online.  Read the full review below where I have looked at each feature individually and described my findings.

Short Assessment of the Amana 25 Side by Side Refrigerator

As far as premium and high quality black refrigerators go this is definitely one of the most stylish and will compliment a modern kitchen – and it also does its bit for the environment because it is Energy Star qualified – which in simple terms means that it actually exceeds US federal energy efficiency standards by up to 15%. This will help you to save energy and is a common feature of a lot of modern fridges so I was pleased to see that the Amana 25 refrigerator had this rating.

Amana One Year Warranty and Quality

I have personally had two Amana refrigerators in my own home over the last ten years and they have always proved to be sound investment.  Neither of them has ever broken down or required any additional parts or labor.  The Amana black side by side model reviewed here would appear to be a similar quality at first glance.  For peace of mind Amana do actually offer a One Year Warranty on parts and labor and will repair anything faulty free of charge should you need it.

Plenty of Space in this Side by Side Refrigerator

You get a lot of space with the Black Amana 25 fridge, 25.1 cubic feet to be precise, meaning that this refrigerator really delivers for those with large families or who like to do a “big shop” at the supermarket and have lots of room for either fresh or frozen food.  The Amana refrigerator also comes with an exterior ice and water dispenser, whilst on the inside you can store even more with inner door bins and gallon-sized door storage.

It’s Easy to Maximise Space and Organize Your Food

As I mentioned, there’s loads of space in the Amana 25 fridge, and the manufacturer has made this space very efficient and easy to manage with a few key features.  For example, there’s a clear crisper drawer for keeping fruit and vegetables separate and simple to find – and it doesn’t get affected by any freezing – which can sometimes occur when refrigerator separates have not been designed very well.

There’s also a slide-out plastic freezer basket which has a very smooth operation and doesn’t seem to freeze up and become difficult to open.  In addition to that you also have the added benefit of a deli and cold meat drawer, plus a dairy center which is where any cheeses, margarine, spreads, and butters can be held.

All of the drawers on the Amana refrigerator are clear and easy to operate meaning you won’t have to open them all up in order to see what’s inside.  You can check for contents at first glance and then decide which food or drink it is you need, and open the correct drawer.

Controlling the Humidity and Temperature on the Amana

Having all these drawers is one thing, but keeping them all at the right temperatures is another challenge.  I am pleased to say that the Amana 25 refrigerator delivers on both aspects.

So an example you can control the humidity in the crisper drawer so that the chances of them becoming sodden and perishable gives you longer lasting fruit and vegetables. Similarly it’s possible to control the frozen aspects as well – as this can all be controlled at the touch of a button and adjusted to suit your needs.

External Ice and Water Dispenser on the Amana 25

This was one of my favorite features, and one I cannot do without on a refrigerator and freezer.  The Amana ASD2522WRB has a very easy and simple to use dispenser that is contained within the left hand door – but can be accessed from the outside meaning you don’t need to open up the fridge.

The mechanism uses a PUR filter which is one of the leading water filter brands that refrigerator manufacturers use.  It will provide you with cold and fresh drinking water which is run through a filtration system before it pours into your glass.  Filling up a standard sized glass takes no longer than five seconds when I tested it, so it’s quick – and the water tasted very good.  If you don’t want young children using the dispenser then the control lockout mechanism lets you keep it all secure – so you won’t have the scenario of seeing ice cubes and water all over the kitchen floor if you leave your children alone for a moment.

One of the benefits to the water and ice dispenser on the black side by side Amana refrigerator is that you will no longer need to buy bottled water, or store large bottles in the fridge – meaning you save not only space, but also on money.  Amana state that this could save the average family up to $600 a year.

The only negative point to the PUR filter included on the Amana is that you will need to replace the water filter at least once a year – but the Amana 25 will tell you when you need to do this with a small LCD indicator.  By replacing the filter you can be sure that your water and ice will always be clean and fresh in the future.

Spillsaver Glass Shelves Help Keep it Clean

Another great feature of the Amana side by side refrigerator is the fact it handle spillages very well – and I tested this system out using water.  Essentially the Spillsaver shelves have curved edges, so if you do knock something over the spill will not drip down into the rest of the refrigerator and make a mess.

I knocked a glass of water over inside the Amana 25 side by side and was then able to remove the tray by sliding it out towards me, and then pouring the water down the sink.  The Amana shelves work very well and will stop any spills becoming a bigger issue.

For people with kids or who are generally a little bit accident prone then this could be a very important feature when considering whether or not to buy Amana 25 side by side models.

Operational Noise and Portability of the Amana 25 Fridge

Many large refrigerators can be noisy and when the Amana 25 first kicked in when powered up it did have a low humming emanating from it for about five hours.  I am happy to say that this noise stopped later in the day and then didn’t happen for the rest of the testing duration.  The reason this will happen is because refrigerators need at least 24 hours in which to first settle once you first power them up (especially if they have moved or have been in transit) – this is due to the temperatures having to adjust.

In terms of moving the Amana ASD2522WRB Side By Side refrigerator around it was actually deceptively easy.  For anyone who has ever moved a large fridge like this you will know that it can be difficult, what with having to tip it this way and that, and the black scuff marks that can be left on a kitchen floor.  Despite the size of the Amana 25 it’s relatively simple to move and is lighter than would be expected.  Having said that, it does measure 34 x 36 x 70 inches and weighs 270 pounds.  With that in mind I would recommend that at least two people are on hand for installation and any slight positional adjustments.

Final Conclusion on the Amana 25 Refrigerator Review

For the size and functionality, the Amana 25 side by side refrigerator ASD2522WRB model is very good value for money.  If you have a hectic family life, and a household with four and over people in it then this refrigerator is a great option.

I personally own an Amana fridge and have never had any technical problems with it, so the longevity is also something that I can attest to.  This is currently one of the top five refrigerators being sold in the United States and it’s easy to see why it is so popular.

About the Author: Bob Simmons is a home and automotive blogger who reviews cars and electrical items.  Please check out some of his more automotive product reviews on the GPS Navigation DVD website – in particular his latest assessment of the Nissan Navigation System Update which was released earlier this month.