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Jewellery is often all about finding that small detail or finishing touch which really brings an outfit together and turns a good look into a great one. Finding the right ring is no different. A good choice can mean a small piece of jewellery that will have a big impact on your wardrobe!

Thomas Sabo’s range of gothic-themed rings delivers just this – bold, iconic pieces of jewellery that are small but striking – style over substance in a good way. The darker theme of these rings is also great for anyone interested in jewellery that’s a little outside of mainstream design practice, or who wants to instil their style with a hint of intrigue.

This studded ring is part of Thomas Sabo’s “Rebel at Heart” range. Featuring bold contrasts between brilliant sterling silver and darker shades of grey and black, these rings capture the essence of gothic style while possessing an air of elegance. The symmetry of the cross shaped rivet design gives rise to an eye-catching centre. Due to the nature of rings as smaller pieces of jewellery, strong contrasts or shapes, which might be overpowering on larger pieces of jewellery, can be used to create arresting designs that demand attention.

This fusion of the striking and the sophisticated is maintained throughout Thomas Sabo’s range. This branded ring is all about making a large fashion statement with a small piece of jewellery.

Again, the contrast between the brightness of the sterling silver and the depth of the black cubic zirconias speaks of signature Thomas Sabo design blended with the darker side of rock-chic. The brilliant thing about both these rings is that their classy combination of shades makes them incredibly versatile pieces of jewellery. They’re bold enough to stand out from the crowd, but designed with a certain level of restraint that makes them a perfect match for almost any outfit.

For something a little different how about Thomas Sabo’s superb Snake Ring? The stylish coils set this piece apart from other, more conventionally shaped, rings, making it an elegant and eye-catching accompaniment to any kind of evening-dress.

Thomas Sabo also manage to blend boldness with intricate design. This feather ring is a beautiful, striking piece that will bring an air of lightness and delicacy to your jewellery collection. Symbolising hope and freedom, this ring looks great on its own, but would also be the perfect counterpart to any of Thomas Sabo’s darker, edgy designs.

Thomas Sabo’s rings look fantastic paired with any rocker or rock-chick styled outfit, though their refined design means they look great no matter your style. Whether you’re looking for a classy accompaniment to more casual clothing, or elegant designs befitting more formal wear, the darker stylings of Thomas Sabo are sure to brighten your day.

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