Rubber Flooring Offers Many Key Benefits

Rubber Flooring Offers Many Key Benefits

Rubber Flooring Offers Many Key Benefits 
Rubber flooring is among the commercially recycled rubber products which is starting to become a fairly popular option for children’s play areas, home gyms, and sports facilities. It can also be used for many other areas, and provides numerous benefits. Therefore, the majority of these benefits should not be disregarded. Here are just a few of them:

Impact Tolerant:
Rubber flooring is versatile and sturdy, which makes it the ideal flooring choice for children’s playgrounds, gyms, sport courts, and track fields. Since the rubber surface pads all impact, the danger of children getting injured when falling off of playground equipment is cut down tremendously.

Sound Absorbent:
Youngsters can be very noisy when playing. This may develop into an issue in highly populated communities where infants and night workers frequently sleep during the daytime. With rubber tiles, the noise levels can be decreased, as rubber soaks up sound rather effectively. Falling, leaping, or running will be much less noisy, because the sound waves will be soaked up as opposed to being reflected. Rubber flooring is not going to eradicate the sounds altogether, but it will undoubtedly help to bring the noise level down significantly.

Very Safe:
Recycled rubber products, like playground rubber, have non-slip elements. This is very advantageous in places that have a swimming pool, fountains, or other water bodies on the premises. The slip resistant asset of textures which rubber flooring provides is also quite advantageous for outdoor play areas, particularly in areas with a lot of rain and/or humidity.

Long Lasting:
Recycled rubber items are incredibly tough and long-lasting.

  • The flooring surface will endure a large amount of abuse, and will not easily damage, regardless of whether or not children play on it all day long.
  • Rubber will hold its shape regardless of how often and hard children run or jump on the floor.
  • Due to its construction from non-toxic, recycled materials, it is also well suited for strollers, skateboards, roller blades, and bicycles.

It Is Both Weather & UV Tolerant:
Aside from all its other excellent characteristics, playground rubber is also UV tolerant, in addition to being both frost and weather proof. This makes it the perfect outdoor flooring option for locations with intense climates.

It Features a Stylish Design Pattern:
Rubber tiles are obtainable in a wide range of styles, textures, and color shades. These can be easily blended together in order to create an inviting, appealing look. Most individual, especially children, love vibrant colors, so do not restrain your creativity. The more captivating the design, the more people will really like it!

It Is Easy To Maintain:
Rubber flooring is both stain resistant and dirt repellent. It is easy to maintain, no matter if the floors are installed outdoors or inside somewhere.

  • Dirt spots can be easily washed by spraying a mild soap solution onto the area.
  • It is always best to then wipe down the area clean with a dry cloth.
  • Do not use any harsh cleaners, scrubbers, or buffing machines, as this may cause damage to your rubber flooring surface.

This article was contributed by the experts at American Safety Surface. To learn more about how you can get rubber surfacing for playgrounds visit American Safety Surface.

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