Safe Style: 3 Aesthetically Pleasing Home Security Upgrades

Safe Style: 3 Aesthetically Pleasing Home Security Upgrades

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to have a safer home. In fact, these three upgrades will make your home look better while keeping your family safer.

Safe Style: 3 Aesthetically Pleasing Home Security Upgrades


One of the simplest ways to protect your home is often one of the most overlooked. Your landscaping can play an important role in how vulnerable your home is to intruders. Take a quick walk around your house and notice whether any shrubs or bushes are shielding windows and doors from the view of your neighbors. A quick trim will eliminate spots where a thief can gain access without being seen. Another easy landscaping trick is to plant thorny bushes like holly or roses underneath vulnerable windows to make breaking in a painful experience for would-be thieves. While you’re looking, you may also want to make sure that you secure any yard furniture or garden ornaments which could be used to smash windows or doors. Your home will look better and be safer too.

Doors and Windows

Replacing doors, locks, and hardware is another popular way to upgrade your entranceway and make a good impression, but did you know it can also make a big difference in your home security? Wooden doors and frames may easily splinter when pried or kicked. Consider replacing them with new steel or security composite doors which offer both strength and aesthetics. There are wide ranges of styles and strengths carried by security focused companies like Bonds Security Products. Steel frames, wire mesh, and security films are all great additions to the security of the home that won’t look out of place.


In addition to your doors, locks can be just as important. Even if they still look serviceable they’re probably vulnerable to “lock bumping”, a quick and easy way to pick locks that you can readily learn from a multitude of Youtube videos. New bump-proof locks with reinforced deadbolts are readily available in a variety of styles and finishes to enhance your home. Since most break-ins occur when someone forces the front door open, you want to make very sure this first line of defense not only looks good but is also strong and up to date.


Something as simple as lighting also makes a huge difference in your home’s appearance and safety. Outdoor lighting can highlight architectural or landscaping features while cutting down on dark hiding spots. Motion activated lights are especially great because they only come on when you need them – safely lighting the way as you make your way inside, and warning intruders that they will be spotlighted if they target your home. Adding motion lights where you want them has become incredibly easy with the advent of solar powered lights which you can put up yourself without the need for electrical wiring. Consider adding them to outdoor sheds, basement entrances and swimming pool areas for safety, convenience, and beauty.

You’ll feel good about investing in these few simple upgrades. They are great ways to make your home safer while enhancing its value and curb appeal at the same time.

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