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Safe Workouts Whilst Pregnant

Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean you need to say goodbye to your workouts, in fact it could provide you with the opportunity you need to try something new. There are plenty of baby safe ways to exercise, so take a look at the list below and see what takes your fancy.

1. Swimming – Our joints get softer when we are pregnant so high impact exercises like running aren’t recommended as they can cause jarring. As you’re in the water swimming is gentler on the joints yet still offers a great all over body workout and can burn up to 1000 calories an hour, giving you a guilt-free way to indulge those cravings.

2. Aqua Natal Classes – As well as being a fun and low impact workout assisted by trained professionals you will get the opportunity to make new friends with the same hopes and anxieties.

3. Walking – Walking briskly is a great aerobic exercise you can easily incorporate into your daily routine which will help get your heart moving and maintain your cardio fitness.

4. Weight Training – If you regularly use weights at the gym there’s no reason to stop if you’re pregnant, although its best to gradually reduce the weights as you progress and taper it off completely in the final months. Overheating isn’t good for you or the baby so take it steady and listen to your body if it tells you to stop.

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5. Antenatal Yoga – Yoga helps you to relax and improve your core stability. The stretching will keep you supple and as pregnancy releases hormones making your ligaments more pliable you may surprise yourself. Antenatal yoga classes are available in many areas of the country, if there isn’t one local to you try getting in touch with a yoga instructor in your area, many have experience of helping pregnant women in their regular classes.

6. Cycling – In early pregnancy cycling is fine but as you progress your bump may affect your balance, so it’s best to stick to static exercise bikes. Remember to decrease your pace and resist the urge to go hell for leather – spinning classes are a definite no-no!

7. Pilates – Many experts consider pilates to be the safest form of exercise for pregnant women. The noticeable improvement to core abdominal and pelvic muscle groups means many midwives actively recommended it as beneficial activity. Pilates exercises can be adapted depending on your trimester so you can enjoy this gentle and low impact activity right up until birth.

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