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Safeguarding Your Office Premises

An office property can sometimes be a target for thieves because there is a high probability that there will be expensive items such as computers, laptops and printers inside that can be stolen and sold. Sadly, the black market has a huge number of stolen electrical equipment on it, so the best way to counter these thieves is to make sure you and your office colleagues implement the relevant security measures to your premises.

The Basics
The most obvious and easiest security measure to start doing is to ensure that all items are out of sight when it comes to leave the premises at the end of the working day. This means that laptops should be either taken home or locked away and computers should be switched off and covered. These simple measures will make it a great deal harder for an intruder to quickly snatch and grab items, giving your alarm system a chance to deter the thieves from sticking around.

Security Systems
The office should have an alarm system in place in order to protect you and your premises by giving intruders no time to hang around. As soon as an intruder enters, they should know that they are on borrowed time and should leave as soon as possible. There are a number of security systems that can add security and safety for your employees. One of these is to have a telecom system installed that enables you to see who is outside and you can buzz people in before they can enter the premises. Security cameras for inside and outside the premises is also a possibility.

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Windows and Doors
Tying in with the security systems, ensuring that your premises are fitted with excellent quality windows and doors will safeguard your property, your employees and all the equipment inside. It could also save you money on heating by having windows and doors that keep the premises insulated. There is no excuse to having poor quality fittings when there is so much to lose if your premises are look inviting to intruders.

Get a Safe
If your office premises have expensive equipment and important documents (including financial documents and reports) on site, it could be a very good investment to have a safe installed. This way you can keep your goods and documents locked away and you will have the reassurance of knowing that only you can access them. There are some great safes around that lock both manually and electronically. There will be no way for an intruder to get them without your help.

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