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No doubt the just launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is configured with the latest hardware and specifications that promise to give a damn good and flawless performance on the paper. But lets find out how its camera and battery performs.

If we talk about the camera configuration of this smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4 comes with basic set 16-megapixel camera with autofocus phase, optical stabilization, dual flash and shooting mode Live HDR. In good light it makes a perfect shot, and even when it is not worsening the quality drops as much as is often the case in smartphones. At the moment, this is one of the best cameras in smartphones.

And 3.7-megapixel camera on the front panel can take wide shots, capturing 90 and 120 degrees. Yes this camera is good for taking selfies.

It is well suited for you, if you want to take a picture with friends or yourself on the background of the sights.

If we talk about the inbuild microphones, it should be noted that the smartphone has used two but three microphones. This allows the recorder to record sound in all directions, recognizing up to eight sources.

Also, with the recorder you can create voice memos, which at the same time on the voice quite accurately converted to text.This is very handy if you need to quickly write something.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera and Battery Performance

Battery Performance:

Compared with the previous version, the battery capacity in the Galaxy Note 4 rose only slightly, to 3220 mAh. In practice, the backup of the smartphone does not become worse. It is located at approximately the same level as that of Note 3.

In the average activity of the battery device can withstand two days. Samsung implemented rapid charging function, which is to replenish the battery Note 4 to 50% in 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the function is actually running. If it is impossible to charge the smartphone, its interface can be switched to black and white display mode, there will be less drain the battery’s remaining capacity.

With the release of Galaxy Note 4 of Samsung has once again managed to get a line Note to the next level. The smartphone has become faster resolution of its display has grown to QHD, and at the same time kept a good battery backup. Ability to work with a stylus and all worth is separate praise. And only a high price slightly degrades the overall positive impression of the device. However, this does not negate the fact that the Samsung was very high quality smartphone worthy continuation of the line Galaxy Note, which receives “recommended tag”. Competition among major smartphone will only increase, but it is now clear that Samsung is well entrenched in this market, and it has something to defend his championship.


+ Materials and build quality

+ Display

+ Productivity

+ Camera

+ Operation with Stylus

+ S Health

+ Voice Recorder

+ Fast Charge


– Gesture reduce application windows

– Price

The performance of battery and camera of Galaxy Note 4 is really good. And similar type of performance and advancement Samsung will bring in other Galaxy smartphone devices like Galaxy S7 and Note 5.