Save A Bundle of Money To Get Telecom Services

Bundling Telecom Services

Receiving telecom services under one company may seem like a drag for people who are used to being with a particular phone or cable service and don’t want to switch. However, if you are a person who frequently calls long distance and wishes to use a wide range of calling features, or likes to have the option of watching premium channels and on-demand shows or enjoys surfing the web on a regular basis, than bundling is a much more economical approach to receive telecom services. If you were to stop and do the math, bundling services can provide annual savings of hundreds of dollars compared to paying for all three services individually.

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You Won’t Have To Sacrifice The Quality Of Service To Buy a Bundle

According to a new survey released by Consumer Report’s National Research Center, Verizon has become a formidable competitor of cable providers such as Knology and Comcast as it expands its fiber-optic networks to deliver a complete telecom package, that includes Internet and TV. The tug-of-war between cable companies and phone companies aiming to sway consumers to buy services with them instead of the other is actually a window of opportunity for consumers negotiate good deals with the company of their choice that can extend way past the period when the first signed up to receive bundling incentives.

The Advantages Of Bundling Services

*Being able to compare bundles in your area to find an affordable that best fits YOU.
*Receiving only one bill a month.
*Dealing with only one company if you have to schedule a service call.
*Having the option to choose from the nation’s top companies to receive quality telecom services.
*Receiving high speed Internet through cable broadband, DSL, satellite, or fiber optic ISP Internet with incentives and special deals when you sign up online.

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The Disadvantages of Bundling Telecom Services

*Bundling services may not be for you if you only get minimum-broadband Internet, basic TV, and basic telephone services with minimum or no long-distance calling.
*Many consumers reported that it took weeks even months of calls and e-mail messages to get their bundled package bill to reflect the correct price.

Bundling Package Deals in The Upcoming Fall

Customers can get fiber optic, cable or phone bundles in both double or triple play packages with fiber optic package deals starting as low as $79.99 a month under a third party telecom provider that promotes bundling packages through participating cable, phone and Internet companies. As mentioned earlier, customers need to be aware of all charges taxes, installation, equipment, franchise and the Regulatory Recovery Fees that apply to a bundle package and a spike on their monthly rates if they decide to cancel or downgrade their services.

Companies don’t want to lose their customers so the option is always open for them to keep getting great deals for staying put. All of the fine print that is always underneath these promotional ads but might not notice to read needs to be studied carefully.


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