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Save On Business Costs This Summer

With continual talk of being in, then out and then in a recession again, it is no wonder that saving any unnecessary costs for small business owners has become an important factor to consider.

However the good news is that there are ways to save money and also be a little more considerate to the environment, so a chance of a double success! Here are some simple ways that your business could save a few pounds over the summer.

Cut down on energy consumption.
If you are able to reduce your energy bills then it is a great start to saving money and the impression you leave on the world around us.

Ways you can save energy:
Turn of standby! Make sure that every machine is turned off fully at night, not left on standby, or monitors of PC’s simply turned off. Make sure everything has been switched at the mains.

Find more efficient appliances. It’s not a case of throwing everything out and starting again, but whenever you need to replace an appliance or piece of equipment, see if you can find a more energy efficient version. One thing you can do immediately however is swap over all the light bulbs to energy saver ones.

Light is natural. When you can, and where it won’t interfere with health and safety guidelines, use natural light. On a sunny day there is no need to switch lighting on, just open the blinds!

Hybrid Vehicles. If you use a company pool car or offer cars to employees, or even make deliveries, why not consider a hybrid car? These cars are far more energy efficient and will also save you on road tax.

Recycling and Paperless Offices
Where possible, always try to convert to a paperless office. Using emails and reading on screen will not only save paper, but will also save you money. Encourage people to stop printing documents and emails, or leaving notes.

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Such a small practice can really save money. The amount of paper used for convenience within an office is far higher than it needs to be. Computer monitors are perfect for reading documents, so don’t print out!

Also, you can recycle the paper you do use. If it is of a sensitive nature then this will have to be shredded, however you can then recycle the shreddings. Alternatively, it is not confidential, you can use the paper yourself as scrap paper, and then once all used up, sent for recycling.

Recycling doesn’t just apply to paper though. You can of course recycle items from ink cartridges to larger items, such as computers or monitors.

Get with it!
Nowadays there is always a new technology that is designed to streamline performance or save money, so keep an eye on the ever changing technology. One good example is using the new style ‘cloud servers’. These cut down the need for hardware and software onsite, so you need expend no cost or energy having large server rooms etc.

Saving money and energy is something that is always achievable to those with innovative minds. Make sure you review your procedures at least twice a year and see the savings you could make.

Colin is writing on behalf of business electricity provider Haven Power

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