Save Time, Money and Gas Using Smartphone Apps

Gas prices are spiking again, and with economic conditions already being shaky, everyone seems to be feeling the crunch. Businesses large and small are noticing a dent in profits. Luckily, small businesses can save significant amounts of money by simply employing a smart phone app that costs less than the price of two gallons of gas.

This is yet another story in the sweeping narrative of how technology is democratizing the formerly prohibitive cost of doing business. Companies with massive fleets can take advantage of fleet management software in order to track gas usage and cost, but smaller companies with smaller fleets have different needs and can benefit from more agile approaches until they can upgrade to actual fleet management software.

If you find yourself under that umbrella, rejoice! Here are the top five money-saving apps related to gasoline usage available for your smart phone today:

GasBuddy | iOS/Android

This great little app will map, sort and list all of the gas stations in your area. Gas stations can be sorted by price or distance from your specific location. It is somewhat like shareware, as it is kept up to date by users who are able to earn points toward prizes every time they submit an update. GasBuddy is free, and the only one on this list compatible with Android also!

FuelFinder | iOS

This is another helpful app that uses the information on gas prices and location garnered from GasBuddy.com in order to show you the pricing and other information about that particular gas station. Additional helpful info is provided, such as whether or not there’s a car wash, an ATM, an air hose, a service station or a food mart, as well as the approximate time it will take to get there from your location. This app costs $2.99 (less than a single gallon of gas in most states!) Pick it up at http://www.bottlerocketapps.com.

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Gas Hog | iOS

This app is for the iPhone and it allows you to keep track of the fuel economy of your car. Every time you fill up, your fuel usage history is shown along with tips for improving your vehicle’s fuel economy in the future. This helpful app is only 99 cents and it is available at http://www.adairsystems.com/gashog/.

iGasUp | iOS

This app is one of the most comprehensive and current on the market. It tracks pricing data on 110,000 gas stations, and it does so by compiling pricing data from credit card transactions occurring at these stations in real time. When you launch the app in your smartphone, the 10 most affordable gas stations nearest to your current location will appear in the order of lowest to highest pricing. This app is a steal at only 99 cents, and it is compatible with the iPhone. You can score this app at http://www.igasup.com.




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