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Flowers are the perfect way to express friendship or love to someone this Valentine’s Day.  When sending Valentine’s flowers in Canada you can also express different emotions or messages depending on the variety of flowers and the color that you send.

According to my research you can send an unspoken message to your loved one with flowers.  Each flower carries a different meaning that you want to convey to the receiver.  The unspoken language of flowers is an excellent way to say what you want to say without having to actually utter a single word.

Say It With Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Different Flower Varieties Mean Different Things

 If you want to express your friendship or let someone know that you enjoy their companionship or company, you may consider sending a simple bouquet of daisies and you can buy flowers online to save you time.  They express friendship like no other flower does.  Many flowers are used to express love for someone. These include lilies, orchids and roses.  When giving Valentine’s flowers in Canada, always think of the relationship that you have with a person before selecting the type of flower you want to send.

Just as Flower Varieties Mean Different Things, so Does Flower Colors

Just like variety, color also conveys a certain message.  Lilies are a favorite flower to give to someone you love not only because of the strong, everlasting, beautiful fragrance that this flower gives off but also because of the variety of colors that the flower comes in.  Each color can represent something different.  Roses are the number one flower to give when sending Valentine’s flowers in Canada to someone you love.  White roses represent innocence and purity, yellow is a symbol of jealousy and red is meant for your true love.  Even the same color rose can indicate different feelings.  For example a dark pink may signify passion and desire while a light pink signifies grace and beauty.

Different Shapes of Flowers also have Different Meanings

Orchids is another popular valentine’s flower in Canada because of the wide variety of colors.  However, orchids also have many different varieties and many different shapes.  These shapes can carry different meanings as well.    Some orchids are shaped like a spider and this conveys the message of jealousy or anger.  There are also orchids that smell exactly like fine chocolate.  These can express your undying love for someone.  Due to orchids being rare and expensive, giving someone a gift of any orchid expresses that you have put a lot of thought into the purchase and are willing to spend a little extra money to please them.  This is no doubt a testament of your love.  No matter what shape an orchid is, it is one of the best types of flowers to give for valentine’s day and carries a special meaning that conveyed in a way that no other flower conveys.  When you give an orchid to someone, you are saying that the recipient is exotic and beautiful.  You are also saying that they possess grace and are both delicate yet strong.  They are the true definition of class.

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