Scented Candles: Sexy Or Sleazy?

Scented Candles: Sexy Or Sleazy?

When girls imagine losing their virginity they picture a romantic scene of sultry music, a bed strewn with red rose petals and, of course, scented candles to give a little ambience and mood lighting. The reality however, never quite matches the vision and many women are left thinking candle-light rendezvous are a thing of movie magic.

Male lothario’s have tainted the wonderful scented candle by using it as a tool to bed women, and coupled with leopard print boxers and a dodgy moustache, you start to get the sordid picture. So when it comes to the sexy/sleazy debate, it’s hard to know which side to fall on.

Maybe if romance was brought back into fashion, then we wouldn’t be so cynical when a gesture attempting to be sexy brings to mind that of a sleazy move. Personally, I’d probably be wondering how a man has so many scented candles instead of giving in to the moment.

Romance and sex aside, if you get the right scented candle it can bring back strong memories of a happy childhood moment or a long forgotten love. Smell is a sense that can transport you to another time with the merest whiff of familiarity, becoming stronger than any old photograph or your favourite song when you were fifteen. Maybe vanilla isn’t the scent to bring on a strong emotional reaction but the list of smell combinations are endless and full of memory-restoring qualities.

Are candles in the bedroom the same as flowers after a fight? The right gesture at the wrong time? Be sure to remember that if you are thinking of wooing a loved one with scented candles to create a sexy atmosphere, be vigilant of the scent you choose. You might be turned on by sandalwood but your partner may not have the same feeling. Take your time and do a little research about what scents they love before putting your hand in your pocket and buying twenty candles that will never be used again.

The optimist in me would like to think scented candles are sexy and romantic, that they signify that someone has thought you special enough to make such a gesture, and let’s face it, who doesn’t look good in candle light? But the pessimist will always be there, ready and waiting to pick apart the array of scented candles as sleazy, with a capital S.

If you’re one of the romantic optimists that wants to utilise the alluring power of the Scented Candle then you can find them on Best Kept Secrets or perhaps you should watch and learn from Heath Ledger as he portrays the legendary lover, Casanova.

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