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Scotland’s Arran Is The Perfect Couple’s Getaway

When you want to get away for a weekend with your significant other, what better location to choose than one that is a bit off the beaten path? How about a destination that offers a temperate climate along with magnificent vistas? If you and your spouse love both the outdoors and a bit of nightlife whilst enjoying time away from large crowds, the Isle of Arran makes a perfect couple’s getaway.

There are many relaxing yet adventurous ways to spend your time on Arran. Here’s a quick itinerary for the couple who wants to enjoy a lovely spring, summer or autumn weekend on Arran.

Where to Stay

Whilst most visitors to the Isle of Arran find it convenient to stay close to the ferry in of one of the bigger villages such as Brodick, the couple who wishes a bit more seclusion may prefer self-catering houses in the countryside. Many seaside cottages feature fantastic views of the Kilbrannan Sound or Firth of Clyde with a long expanse of beach to enjoy intimate walks.

What to Do

Dolphin and whale watching along the beach is a restful way to pass an afternoon. Sea kayaking is a great way to enjoy the peaceful sway of the clear waters surrounding Arran whilst getting to know one another better. Sea otters, seals, and porpoises might even accompany you on your trip.

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For something a bit more strenuous, you may want to rent a couple of mountain bikes and take them into the hills along established paths. You could choose to circumnavigate the entire island in a day or perhaps a shorter trip with a picnic lunch is more your speed. Although you are advised to stay on roadways, many present a real challenge even for experienced bikers.

On the northern end of the island, there are plenty of opportunities for rock climbing. Bring your own equipment or contact a local adventure company to provide everything necessary for scaling one of Arran’s craggy granite mountain ridges.

Night Life

At the end of a day outdoors, couples can relax in one of the many pubs strewn across the Isle of Arran. There’s nothing pretentious about Arran pubs, which provide great food, a warm welcome to people and dogs alike, and feature one of a handful of talented local bands playing weekend nights – especially over national holidays such as Burns Night and St. Andrews Day. The Arran Banner newspaper usually lists night-time entertainment options available during your stay.

For couples who wish a bucolic weekend away from the stress of everyday life, a stay in a self-catered cottage on the Isle of Arran is a terrific option. Learn to appreciate each other all over again when you explore the natural, distinctive beauty of the island and enjoy the peaceful time in ‘Miniature Scotland’ together.

Matthew Bettoli writes for Cottages and Castles, who offer lovely cottages for self catering holidays in Arran. 

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