Scrubs: Not Just For Nurses Anymore

Scrubs: Not Just For Nurses Anymore

Ever since the debut of the popular medical sitcom, Scrubs, the outfit is being worn outside the hospital. You may not have been aware of this fashion trend, but you’ve seen scrubs on your favorite nurses and cartoon characters.

What are scrubs?
Scrubs are outfits worn by medical personnel. They often consist of a top and trousers or gown. They are created to be simple outfits with few areas on them to accumulate dirt. They are easy to wash and easily replaced if badly stained or damaged. They used to serve as replacement clothing for contaminated street clothing. Now they are worn all over the hospital by most hospital personnel. Doctors and nurses do not own their scrubs. They belong to the hospital or are leased from a linen cleaning service. The hospital can take no chances in the laundering of these items. Originally, scrubs were white to emphasize cleanliness, but the all-white environment caused eyestrain for surgical personnel. The color was switched to green to reduce eye fatigue and make red splotches easier on the eye. Modern scrubs usually consist of short sleeve V-necks and drawstring pants or calf-length gowns. They are usually made of green cotton or cotton blends. Scrubs received their name because they are worn as surgeons and nurses while scrubbing in before work.

Popular and versatile clothing items
Not just for the hospital anymore, scrubs are being adopted in many settings. They are worn anywhere cleanliness is paramount. They are being worn more often thanks to the spread of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Outside medical settings, they are gaining popularity as pajamas, workout wear and leisure wear. Backpackers use them for their lightness. Thanks to their simple design and cleanliness, scrubs are mandated for use in many prisons. They have become so popular, some hospitals stitch their name or logo on the pockets to prevent theft. Others have switched from green to pink to make them less attractive to thieves. Not just for thieves roaming hospital corridors, scrubs are for you too!

Colors and styles
Surgical scrubs are almost always pale green, pale blue, or a combination of the two. Non-surgical scrubs are much more colorful. Nurses in doctor’s offices or children’s hospitals often wear fun prints, such as cartoon characters. Holiday prints are also common. Nursing Uniforms are available in many colors and styles. Athletic style scrubs are the ultimate workout wear. Koi Scrubs are perfect for any occasion. These beautifully designed scrubs are every bit as functional as plain scrubs. Comfort should not sacrifice fashion. Feel great in your scrubs whether you are working in a doctor’s office or lounging at home. Koi Scrubs boast pretty details like ribbons, butterflies and waist cinchers. They are perfect for moms running errands. Feel fashionable and comfortable no matter what the day brings. There is virtually nowhere scrubs can’t be worn. Join the fashion craze inspired the hit sitcom. Pick up some scrubs of your own today!

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