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There are many occasions when storage goes beyond simply a place to leave your extra clutter. For those who are moving house, or emigrating, there may be a number of possessions that require long-term secure storage. Cars and other vehicles are a common option for those moving to store, as are items of furniture and other large goods. These are items that can have value of their own, and are often too precious to sell or scrap. Yet they may also be difficult to store at home, or to transfer across in the moving process.

Secure storage can solve this problem. But for most people, finding a low-cost, secure provider that is local to them is the first challenge in sourcing the right option. So what should you be looking for when searching to find a secure storage destination for your belongings?


Price will always be a major factor for anyone choosing cheap storage units. Storage isn’t always a short-term need, and for some customers, it will be a number of years before they come to remove their possessions. If you are paying over the odds for your storage from the beginning, this can mount up to show considerable wastage over time. Similarly, there are a number of strategies that can be deployed to save on the costs of storage – even for those with more long-term needs.

The location of storage space will have an impact on its price. Two equally secure units at opposite ends of your city can have a radically different price for storage. Choose your location strategically to get a better deal. More remote storage facilities will tend to be lower cost, and may even be more secure if they are difficult for thieves to find and access. There is no need for a storage unit in the center of town, particularly if you don’t intend on accessing your property frequently.


When choosing storage, you also need to think about the size and type of unit you are being offered. Is it a box, or is it a dedicated unit? Are you packing your possessions into a trailer, or are you depositing under lock and key? This will have an influence on how much you will pay for your storage. But beyond that, it will help ensure you get the right storage provision for your belongings.

For some, security may even be a more prevalent concern than value, which should merit a manual inspection of different facilities. Visiting the secure storage facilities you are considering can help you establish which is best placed to secure and protect your goods.

Everyone has their own idea of what they want from storage. Whether it is just a space to leave your things, or a more secure facility to protect your belongings long-term, there are options spread throughout every region of the country. More secure facilities tend to come at a premium price, but this can easily be a price worth paying. Especially if you intend to store more valuable or sentimental items, secure storage is essential.