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Selling IT Risk Management Benefits To The Professionals

Reducing the expenses is the primary duty of a senior executive of a company. They will never approve a single order of purchase unless you ensure them that there is a benefit. You will surely require an IT risk management to make sure that you are secure and can find the issues that expose your company to risk. The following steps show the benefits of an efficient IT risk management.

Plugging the security holes

No networking, no matter how tightly it is guarded, it is highly immune to the hole in the infrastructure or the occasional lapse in the defenses. An IT risk management report is like a “to do” list for rectifying certain problems and to improve the overall security features. Once the report is generated, you will have an outline of your company’s security. You will be able to view everything, from the servers that lack critical patches to the damaged token distribution processes which leave the applications open for compromise. The report will also help in prioritizing your hard work and gives you the baseline to measure the progress.

Determining the security requirements

The best security has a lot to perform with changing control adherence and management for established policies. An IT risk management helps in defining what type of policies are required and how an organization can go well in complying with those types of policies. The policy defines as to who can make the changes for the firewall configuration and how those modifications are implemented, approved and what type of documentation is needed.

The organizations may choose two options in the case of establishing policies. Either they need to develop one by their own or choose existing standards. For most companies, the ISO 17799 is the best start for establishing a work framework. However, implementing the standards is different for every organization. The IT risk management will help in finding the unique policies and requirements for the company.

Justification for spending

The plans require justification for spending irrespective of the apparent need for executives, security and budget. IT risk management shows what can be done for improving or fixing a security program. You may consider using an IT risk management report for calculating the expenses of improving the security and estimating the benefits. A quantified analysis helps in justifying the decisions of the executives.

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Reviewing the purchases

IT risk management helps in giving you a closer look inside the computing environment. This type of view is invaluable when selecting appropriate security services and products. For instance, you need not spend thousands of dollars on security measures for fixing a small problem. You might blindly spend your hard-earned money unless you come to learn what you are defending and how precious it is.

Improving planning

When being positive and identifying the security issues before they affect you, you will gain a chance to lower the expenses for security significantly. It is less expensive to deal with the security before any serious problems occur than to deal with the security during an impact or crisis. If you are planning for any security measures, you will be able to understand an organization’s weaknesses and strengths. The companies can use IT risk management for designing and building secured network architectures and other plans.

I hope the above steps have given you great knowledge about IT risk management.

Jake Blake is expert when it comes to IT-security or as the Danish term is IT-sikkerhed.

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