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Send An Electronic Business Greetings Card For A Personal TouchIf keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum is important to you and your business, choosing to send an electronic greeting card during holiday seasons is a great idea. Not only is an environmentally responsible solution, it is also makes great financial sense too.

A good number of companies increase their expenditure on postage during the holiday season but there really is no need for businesses to be incurring this extra expenditure. If you are in the business of making a profit, whether that is for a private company or for your shareholders, eradicating unnecessary expenditure should be at the top of your list. Easy to use electronic business holiday cards are likely to be a lot cheaper than their paper counterparts. Not only that, you will be saving on postage too.

Electronic businesses holiday cards will also save you man hours too. The actual process of hand writing cards can take up valuable business time, time which could be spent improving your business. Provide the electronic card company with copies of your required signatories and they can include those on the e-card. Electronic cards however can be sent to large number of customers and clients with the click of a couple of buttons.


There is a great selection of easy to use electronic business holiday cards available to choose from and you can make any number of personalisations; yet another advantage over paper based cards. Many of them are also animated in some way, adding to the interest and overall enjoyment of the sender and the recipient. You can even include a soundtrack to include with the card.

Use your CRM to get your business holiday card out to as many people as you like. You can actually include a lot more marketing information with an electronic card, passing on sincere holiday greetings whilst promoting your business. For example you can include details of the company’s achievements and / or charitable donations for the year; include a link to your website or other corporate details.

You are in full control of what you send, there are usually 3-4 pages to fill, choose your theme, background and any soundtrack and decide what corporate information you want to include. Some e-card companies are involved in tree planting schemes and details of this may be included somewhere on the card. This will help demonstrate the environmentally friendly nature of the card.


As well as the standard yet customisable cards you can usually also choose to create your own card. This will take a little longer than choosing something ‘off the peg’ but if you want something truly personal to you and your company, this is the way to go. Provide the e-card company with the photo you want to use, perhaps a fun shot of the staff in festive attire or a picture of your premises with some seasonal touches and they will help you create the look and message you want.

Electronic business holiday cards are a great solution for the financially astute and environmentally conscious business. Your customers and clients will appreciate your efforts to reduce your company’s carbon footprint whilst at the same time passing on a seasonal greeting.


Adriana Frederick is a consultant who works with various businesses to help them reduce their carbon footprints and find viable, environmentally alternatives to their current business practices. A great advocate of the paperless office, Adriana is always keen to point out the virtues of the easy to use electronic business holiday cards.