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Indian weddings are stunning, glorious and flamboyant. Stage decorations play an important role in setting the tone for the wedding. Even if the venue is quite ordinary looking, you can transform its looks by making the decorations look magnificent, unique and stunning. The stage is where the bride and the groom would be sitting and so you must first concentrate on that. The decorations will also depend on the size of the stage. Flowers play a major role in decorating the stage; it is in fact, the center point of all Indian weddings.

People take a lot of pains to devote a whole lot of time and energy to decorate the stage because that is the platform were the bride and the groom will come together to start a new life together. This stage is a canopied tent with four poles and is also called the ‘mandap’. The rituals and ceremonies vary from culture to culture, but the importance of the mandap is never undermined.

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If you think that the stage can be decorated by putting some chairs on the it and then some flowers here and there with a beautiful curtain to go with it, then you are mistaken. There are many ways to decorate the stage. You can choose the traditional style, which has been chosen for generations and generations, or the contemporary styles which modern couples have experimented with, or you can even go for the theme-based decoration. These days, many couples prefer to go for the theme-based decoration because it will let their imagination and creativity juices run riot.

Different types of decorations for the Indian wedding

Set The Stage For A Glorious Indian Wedding

In the contemporary stage decoration, lots of modern props and accessories will enhance the look of the stage. You have balls, balloons and glitters arranged and decorated in the most creative way. It makes the stage stand out. You can personalize these decorations with the help of your wedding planner. To complete the effect of the stage, you can add amplified sounds and lights. There are plenty of such accessories in the market and all you need to do is translate your desires at the Indian wedding.

The traditional style is the typical Hindu wedding decoration where you have rangolis, beautiful drapes, candles and of course, flowers. Everything will be set in the traditional style and look formal and stylish. The flowers are usually placed in the center so they attract attention. Jasmines, marigold flowers, roses and orchids are used for the centerpiece. Since the bride would be adorned in all red and gold, you would see that the decorations are also made of red and gold.

Theme based decorations sound exciting indeed. If you don’t wish to travel to a beach or a palace to have a beach wedding or a palace wedding, then you can transform the stage to look like one. You can easily buy matching flowers, fabric and other props and create the magical atmosphere with the help of your wedding planner for the Indian wedding.