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Choosing your first handgun can be a difficult task. If you’ve never owned a gun before, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there. Two guns that look almost identical can vary wildly in effectiveness, and if you aren’t familiar with guns, you probably won’t know what to look for when you’re making a purchase. Before you give up in frustration, try to keep the following five qualities in mind as you shop for the perfect handgun.

Set Your Sights: 5 Things To Look For In A Handgun For Beginners


Size matters quite a bit when it comes to guns. It’s going to impact how comfortable you feel when shooting, which will, in turn, impact your accuracy. Different shooters feel comfortable with different sizes and weights, so don’t be afraid to pick up a few different guns and see how they feel.


Cost is one of those factors that people tend to avoid talking about, but it’s also one that probably matters a great deal to the average first-time gun owner. Look at your bank account and figure out a reasonable budget for your first firearm. You shouldn’t spend a fortune on your first gun, especially if you don’t know how often it is going to get used. Find something that feels reasonable and that won’t cause you buyer’s remorse if you don’t end up using it as often as you originally planned.


The reputation of the gun maker ought to play a role in your decision. You’re not just looking for something that other shooters think is cool—you want something that is reliable. If a manufacturer has a reputation for making reliable weapons that don’t misfire, you’re definitely going to want to pay more attention to their products than to those of lesser manufacturers when you are shopping for 9mm handguns online.


Try to think about why you’re buying a handgun. You might need a different gun for home defense than you might need for target shooting, for example, and a completely different gun if you’re looking for personal security. While there are absolutely great guns in multiple categories, you want the gun that’s going to do the most for your needs.


Yes, how your handgun looks can matter. It’s definitely not the most important factor, but it’s one that you might want to keep in mind if showing off your gun actually matters to you. Finding a piece that looks great can be a good way to get started on a larger gun collection.

Don’t forget these five factors when you start shopping for your gun. Your first gun is special, so don’t rush the decision. If you’re willing to do a little shopping, you’ll find the perfect weapon for your new collection.