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If you are a vinyl record collector and you are interested in increasing your collection, then you have many options. You can buy them from open markets, private individuals, auctions, and even on the Internet. However, if you are not careful, you can be tricked by sellers so you need to be careful to avoid getting overcharged when you buy your next vinyl record, especially when buying online.
* Don’t be in a hurry to buy vinyl records. It would be better if you do some reference check beforehand. There are many reputable online review websites where collectors often give their reviews on genuine websites. Take you time and study them patiently as you’d probably get a list of websites that sell them at competitive rates. It is very important to ascertain the integrity of the person who sells records.It is important to ask if he has a return policy as this should not be neglected when buying your records online.

* Most of dealers always have sufficient stock of vinyl records on hand even when nobody is searching for them. They are much better than somebody who appears on the scene when you post your “want to buy” ad. If you are interested in a seller who offers quality service, you should deal with one who has his own website and sells vinyl records online.

* All records on sale may not be authentic and of good quality. You can only ascertain this if you play the record. If dealer is certain about the quality of product he would want to play it for you. If you have knowledge about grading system for vinyl records, you would be in a better position to buy best vinyl records online.

* When buying vinyl records online you will pay by credit card. This is best because transaction is traceable. Some sellers also offer COD transaction and can ship the products right away.

* Maintain a list, sticky notes, spreadsheet to keep a record from where and what kind of vinyl you purchased and at what price.

* Watch out for outrageous handling charges and postage. Many sellers may list vinyl records and handling. Opt for sellers who offer fair shipping charges. Aside from this, check if discount is being offered for additional records.

* You should never rely on mere pictures of vinyl albums online. You cannot determine the true condition of any record by simply looking at the picture. However, pictures may come handy when you want to verify that everything you are buying such as lyric sheet, sleeve (if it is original), inserts, and in some cases, the quality of the cover, if you really care for all these things.
All these tips will help you in buying used vinyl records online. Many sellers offer wide selection of vinyl records online.  For all you requirements for vinyl records online you can visit some of the reputable stores you can find in online directories and you will really be surprised by wide range of quality vinyl records. You would even be able to choose and place orders right from the comfort of your home!