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Every business needs access to a commercial printer. No matter the industry or the business type, copiers and printers are necessary for creating and replicating documents for clients. Businesses in Maryland and Pennsylvania are no different, and those responsible for maintaining office supplies may be required to try various suppliers local to the area to find the most cost-effective solution. From office blocks in Baltimore and York through to schools, homes and hospitals in Harrisburg, printers and copiers are an omnipresent feature of our daily lives.

Printers and copiers can be expensive pieces of equipment. Even in Hagerstown or Lancaster, PA, the need for businesses to run on efficient printing and copying systems cannot be understated. But when it comes to shopping for the printer for your workplace, there should be more thought given to selecting a cost-effective, efficient printing and copying solution.


Printers and copiers on a commercial scale tend to be available for lease, or for sale. For some businesses, leasing is the most effective strategy. It can be a great way to save on the upfront capital cost of buying the machine. Of course, this is a more expensive way to handle your office printing requirements in the long run, but businesses might want to take advantage of the cash flow benefits this can bring.

Buying a copier unit is also a feasible strategy, and one that many businesses choose to adopt directly. There are pros and cons to both financing arrangements, so individual businesses need to decide for themselves which represents the most effective choice.

Before choosing a particular copying or printing unit, there are a few more specific criteria you should be looking at. Firstly, ink and toner consumption are worth more specific attention. Business copiers & business printers have a tendency to swallow up toner pretty quickly, while the costs of replenishing toner levels can be significant. The ongoing cost of managing a printer or a copier is often forgotten about at the choosing phase, but is just as important as the upfront price of the unit.


Maintenance is another key issue. Commercial copiers have a tendency to break as a result of consistent, prolonged usage. This can often lead to expensive, specialized repair and maintenance work. Some systems are easier to service than others, and it may even be the case that your lease or sale agreement covers maintenance on the units you use. Either way, this is an area of cost that must be considered in more depth to give the more accurate picture of the true expense of running any particular machine.

Printers and copiers are just as essential in PA as they are for businesses up and down the country. There are practical considerations when choosing a printer, like print quality and speed. But there are also issues surrounding the costs of purchase, installation, consumables and maintenance, and businesses need to account for these costs to make their purchase worthwhile.