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Whether you’re stepping out of the shower to get ready for work, climbing out of the pool, washing dishes, or prying yourself out of that soothing, relaxing bubble bath, the first thing you reach for will probably be a towel.  Despite being one of the most used items in the average household, towels get little consideration.  You don’t really think about the quality of the towels you use, unless you realize that they’re scratchy instead of soft, or not absorbent enough to effectively dry you, or getting so threadbare that they need to be replaced.  Once you’ve had the misfortune of using a thin, rough, cheap towel, you might think twice about your next towel purchase.

In years past, choosing towels was easy; they were pretty much all the same material with a few color options that you could select.  Economic prosperity around the turn of the 21st century led to increased demand for more, and more luxurious, options.  Towels now come in a dizzying array of choices.  The most important place to start is deciding on the right fiber:

  • The most commonly purchased towels are not the highest quality; a blend of cotton and polyester makes the average towel affordable, but not very absorbent or soft.  These blended towels also tend to lose what absorbency they have more quickly, so you’ll spend more in the long run on this “cheaper” option.
  • Towels that are 100% cotton are a much better choice; they are softer, more absorbent, and last longer with proper care.  Plus, if you choose organic cotton, they’re better for the environment in your home and the world.
  • Luxury cottons, like Egyptian and Supima, have become more readily available in recent years; they have longer fibers, so they make towels that are even softer and more absorbent.  Bamboo can even be woven into a great fabric for towels; it’s surprisingly soft and very absorbent.

Any of these premium fibers makes for a soft, pleasant towel.  But if you really want to experience a little bit of luxury at home, there’s only one choice:  a Turkish towel.  Turkey has long been known as one of the best sources of cotton in the world.  The distinctive long fibers of Turkish cotton make it ideal for weaving into the softest, most absorbent cotton available.  Most towels are made from commercially-woven terrycloth; it’s easy to recognize by its signature loop texture.  Turkish towels are woven entirely differently, on traditional Turkish hand looms.  Turkish towels also dispel the myth that thick means absorbent; they offer much greater absorbency than the thickest terrycloth, and are also much softer.  They are thinner and more lightweight than conventional towels; Turkish towels take up less room in your linen closet, your beach bag, or your pantry, and they are perfect for a variety of uses.  Best of all, your Turkish towels will get softer and more absorbent with every wash cycle.

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