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If you are tired of having the same old clothes to wear every day then you might want to try a new look. If you’re like more than 60% of women, you don’t really pay quite as much attention to what you’re wearing as men think. In fact, many women just buy something because it’s on sale and then throw it on because it’s the first thing in the closet.

But while this is the fastest way to shop, it doesn’t really guarantee you’re going to get something that looks good on your figure, or even a colour that flatters you.

First, try buying women’s designer clothes instead of just any old thing from the discount store. You’ll spend a little bit more money on it initially but it will last longer and will be more comfortable because it’s better quality.

Second, if what you hate is digging through clothes racks hoping to get the best deal, try shopping online. It will save you a lot of time, you won’t have to try to imagine how things will look on someone because most women’s designer clothes are on models, and you won’t have to spend time trying to find something you’ll actually like. If you want to save money, you can even check out the sale section available on most websites.

Figure Out Your Figure
Your figure is very important to how you dress yourself. If you don’t normally spend the time looking for something that will look good on you, make sure you get your measurements and then use them to calculate your figure. Top heavy is Apple shape, Bottom heavy is pear, little to no curves is Banana, equal curves is Hourglass and equal curves with a long waist is Vase. There are eight different shapes you could be and each one is flattered by slightly different clothing.

Wear What You’re Comfortable In
If you don’t know if you’re going to be comfortable or happy in something, don’t wear it. Also, don’t replace your entire wardrobe all at once. Try buying a few new women’s designer clothes each month and add to your closet slowly. You’ll be more likely to find pieces that you really love and you won’t have to worry about hating everything in your closet after a month or two.

When buying women’s designer clothes, you should also try to go for the classic and the timeless rather than the currently fashionable. If your spending money on something, you’re going to be happier with something that you can wear for years to come rather than for just one or two years.  There are plenty of choices so look for clothing that suits you and makes you happy as well.  Good luck shopping.

Shopping online is the easiest way to get women’s designer clothes. You can get the styles, colours and sizes that you need without standing in line or searching through a shop for something they might not have.