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If your door was easy to open and close manually before it was broken then the springs were balanced and correct.  If it was difficult to maneuver then you should look into purchasing some different springs.

Is the Torsion Spring Correct for the Weight of the Garage Door?

First: Weigh the Garage Door

-It is important to use an analog bathroom scale because digital scales weigh narrowly as opposed to analog scales that adjust as weight changes.

1. Remove the arm that opens the door

2. Put the scale in front of the center of the door, depending on how the door is broken carefully lift the door and place it on top of the scale, make sure the cables are loose (in some cases two scales may be needed)

Second: Measure Door Torsion Springs

-if you have two springs then you need to measure both of them

1. Length: if the spring is not broken or unwound measure it as is, but if the spring is broken loosen the winding cone and slide the springs together until there is no gap then measure it

2. Size of the Wire: the thickness of the wire that is used to make the spring is the size, the most accurate way is to measure 10 and 20 coils because when the door opens and closes the coils rub causing the sides to corrode, make sure the coils are compressed when you measure, measure 10 at a time then 20 at a time, if 20 coils is not double the size of 10 you need measure them again

3. Diameter Inside: this is difficult to measure, so use a flashlight to find the markings on the winding and stationary cones

4. The Wind of the Spring: most confusing part, you need to look at the end of the coil, if the bottom of the end of the coil is to the left then it is a left wind and vice versa, most of the time the right wind is on the left side of the garage door and the left wind is on the right side of the garage door

5. Spring Ends: most springs are standard and bent slightly outward, if you have a different one; you need to ask what kind it is

Third: Find Track Radius

-Use a level to measure from the junction of vertical and horizontal tracks to the bottom of the straight part of the horizontal track

-Or you can measure from the floor to the bottom of the straight part of the horizontal track

Fourth: Find the Spring in the Database

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