Should You Have A Metal Roof?

Although metal roofs are not as commonly seen as tiled roofs they do have many advantages. Do you want to know if you could benefit from a metal roof? Read on to find out.

Many people have a lot of fears about metal roofs, like they are noisier than tiled roofs – understandably if this was the case you wouldn’t want your house to have a metal roof. They get struck by lightning more than other roofs – this is true for zinc roofs that are used on sheds or small huts – but metal roofs are more sophisticated than a piece of zinc nailed to the top of your house, and finally that they are less insulating than other roofs, again this is also false – you can actually get metal roofs that are more insulating than a traditional roof.

There are a lot of benefits of having a metal roof to start with they are not as unsightly as you may first imagine. A lot of metal roofs you probably wouldn’t even notice as they have a tiled design on them so that they look just like a normal roof. Metal roofs can be installed much quicker and easier than traditional tiled roofs. Rather than individual tiles they come in large sheets which can be professionally installed in a short amount of time. A metal roof is suitable for any home as they are far lighter than roof tiles so will not put any structure under strain – metal roofs are great for frail buildings as they are around seven times lighter than traditional tiles, per square metre. If you don’t like metal sheets you can get metal tiles which look just like traditional tiles and are installed in the same way while still having all of the benefits of a metal roof.

Many people hold a lot of preconceptions with regards to metal roofs and a couple of those are that they let out more heat than a traditional roof and that they let in a lot more noise. In fact metal roofs hold small air pockets and enough insulation so that there’s no more heat loss than a traditional roof along with just as much noise insulation. Metal roofs are great when it comes to fire resistance as they are non-combustible.  Within all of the advantages of a metal roof there has to be some disadvantages, to start with a metal roof could be more expensive than a traditional roof but with the advantage of durability and the benefits it adds to your property it may still be a great choice. Metal roofs are also more expensive to repair. This is because it requires the replacing of a full metal sheet as opposed to a single tile.

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As you can see there are far more clear benefits to a metal roof than there are detriments so it may be the best choice for you when considering your new roof.

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