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Siding removal and replacement is one of the most effective ways to get back your investment while selling your home. In fact, permanent siding has been ranked as one of the top 10 home remodeling projects in terms of cash payback. Deciding to do siding on your home not only adds value to the property, but you can recover 100% of your investment. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to doing wall sidings, and it does not matter if it’s your permanent home or a house you are going to sell – done right, it will always reap successful results.

Siding Removal – 10 Reasons To Get Back Your Investment While Selling

  1. Increased Goodwill – Siding removal and replacement can increase the value of your home. People looking for a home will definitely want siding on their walls due to the better insulation factor. You can increase the selling value of your home as you’re providing premier exteriors. Siding can increase the total goodwill of your home, and give a better chance of selling it than your competitors.
  2. Better insulation – While wood siding has been a staple for a very long time new materials like vinyl are quickly taking the lead. Vinyl is not only cheaper than wood but it also gets installed with improved insulation to keep the house warm.
  3. Low maintenance – Siding on your walls may cost you initially, but compared to the low maintenance it brings along, you can save a good deal of money. This is a plus point for your home buyers, as they don’t have to think about exterior wall maintenance for years to come.
  4. Aesthetic value – It might be sad to see your wood siding removed, but new replacement material looks exactly like wood siding. The homeowners exterior walls end up looking prettier, cleaner and newer.
  5. Durability – New material siding are made of composites that last far longer and hold up much better than wood. That increased durability will help the homeowner to sell faster.
  6. Quality – Selling a high quality home always feels good and buying it feels even better. Installing quality siding helps buyers ease into the process of closing on a home.
  7. Higher Guarantee – Good quality siding done by a professional company will give you a guarantee minimum of 25 years. Hence, while selling your home, you can vouch for the quality and durability of your walls and guarantee them a long future.
  8. Save Energy – Better insulation means saving more on your energy bills. Who wouldn’t want to buy a home where they can save on their energy bills? Good siding can help save a considerable amount of energy with adequate insulation. This can be a vital point of your selling strategy.
  9. Mold and insect repellent – Gone are the days when insects and mold were a common problem on your exterior walls. A good siding removal job can say goodbye to all such issues and provide a comfortable stay for the people inside. Declare your home as mold resistant, as you have given your walls a premier exterior.

Choosing the right siding for your home can give it a fresh exterior and high resale value. The potential advantage that comes along with siding does justify the expense involved in doing the job initially.

Olger Fallas is a house painter located in Maplewood New Jersey where he also does siding removal. Follow him on Google+.