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SIM Pay As You Go – Enjoy the Many Features and Cost Benefits

Pay as you go SIM is an excellent offer for people who are bound by contracts from their mobile network provider but are unhappy with the service. All they have to do is purchase a pay as you go SIM and insert it into their phones. The same mobile phone can be used for the purpose.

Owing to many other advantages of these SIMs, there is a huge demand for these plans. For tourists and for those who travel for personal or professional reasons, this offer is extremely beneficial.

Pay as you go SIM offers are of three kinds. The first kind is to buy a SIM on a contract basis. You can choose the duration of contract that can range between 12 months to 24 months. The second kind of offer is to pay in advance for a limited amount of usage. Once you cross that limit, the SIM expires and you can have a new card. This is called prepaid program. The third kind of offer is SIM Only offer. This comes with unique features that are categorized into two kinds. Firstly, you choose a 30 day rolling contract and you pay for the duration in advance. You can renew the SIM every 30 days by paying in advance for the next 30 days. Secondly, there is an unlimited period offer. In this kind of offer, you pay in advance for the amount that you want to use but there is no binding limited offer attached to it. You do not have to pay at the end of 30 days but only when the number of minutes that you purchase are used up. In addition to talk time, you also get to send text messages using the SIM only offer. You can use the mobile phone that you have and do not have to use a new mobile for using the SIM, which is the biggest benefit of taking up the offer.

Pay as you go SIMs come with many offers. For example, you can have limited or unlimited amount for text messages, variation in contract duration and variation in tariffs. These plans are offered by all the five leading Mobile Network providers in the United Kingdom – Orange, T-Mobile, Three, O2 and Vodafone. The deals given under this plan differ from one company to another.

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of these SIMs is that there is no binding contract in this case. You can discontinue the offer after 30 days if your requirement of fulfilled. If you want to continue with the offer, you can very easily pay for another month and use for the duration. Network providers have brought out pay as you go internet connection on mobile phones as well.

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Some companies also offer comprehensive offers where you get limited GB of internet usage, text messaging and talk time, all packed into a single pay as you go SIM.

The offers that the companies are dishing out are great at the moment, in order to cater to the high demand. So, there is no point in making compromises with your network provider just because you are bound by contract. Insert Pay as you Go SIM and enjoy the benefits.


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