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Nobody really enjoys cleaning, but scaly taps, greasy grills, and smelly rubbish bins aren’t pleasant things to have in your home.  If you want to make sure your house is sparkling clean, but don’t want to exhaust yourself in the process (or spend too much time elbows-deep in grease or goo), then try these top tips for tackling the worst cleaning jobs:

Scale Free Taps
Limescale is actually pretty easy to get rid of.  Some white-wine vinegar poured onto a cloth can clean up minor issues.  If you’ve got thick, heavy scale on your taps, then it might need heavier treatment.  Just pour the vinegar directly onto the offending area, wrap it with tissue paper, and leave it for a couple of hours.

If your shower head is reduced to a trickle, try unscrewing the head and treating it with vinegar before you spend a lot of money repairing your shower.  The issue could be as simple as scale clogging the holes.

Greasy Grills
It doesn’t take long for grills to get a disgusting looking coating of grease on them, and not only is that grease off-putting, it can be unhygienic, and it can spit, causing burns to the person stood over it.  Fortunately, it’s easy to get rid of grease by soaking your grill in a mix of hot water and washing powder.  Leave it for at least four hours before you start scrubbing.

To prevent problems in the future, line your grill with foil, and just replace the foil when it gets dirty.

Smelly Bins
Emptying your bin regularly won’t prevent bad smells, because the smells are caused by bacteria that are too small to see.  The easiest way to get rid of bad odours is to take the bin outside, treat it with a squirt of detergent, and then hose it down.  You can prevent the smells from coming back by rinsing it out regularly.  Consider using an insinkerator to dispose of food products, and only using your kitchen bin for things that won’t cause odours.

Many people have stopped buying bin liners because they feel they’re environmentally wasteful.  If you feel that way, consider at least using old carrier bags as bin liners, rather than just throwing those bags away.  It will make life a lot easier for you.

Messy Toilets
A mixture of vinegar and baking soda can work wonders on ugly toilet bowls.  Leave the mix in the toilet for at least half an hour before you start scrubbing.  If there are some stubborn stains that won’t shift, apply baking soda directly to the toilet brush and try again.

Vinegar and baking soda can get rid of a lot of household stains and odours.  You can even clean your window frames with vinegar.  So, if you’re having problems with damp or damage, consider cleaning the affected area before you start thinking about UPVC repairs.  It will help you to figure out where the problems are coming from, and the repair men will be able to do their job more effectively if their working area is clean.

This article was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Hometech, experts in both shower repairs and UPVC repairs. Follow this link to their site to see how their shower repairs and UPVC repairs can help you.