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Some tips and hints on how you can get a modern looking kitchen without the effort
Modernising your kitchen can be simple when you put your mind to it, we all know that having a brand-spanking new kitchen can be very costly and in this economic climate a lot of us are struggling to get by already, but these small changes can help you to improve the look of your kitchen on a budget and increase the value of your house during a difficult property market.

Tiled floors are always desirable and part and parcel of a modern day kitchen, but they are a costly part as well, so your cheap alternative to a tiled floor is to look at a tile-themed lino that can be measured and cut to your floor space so the pattern looks perfect across your floor. Spotlights are also quite sort after in this modern era, it seems the days of having a nice light shade over a standard 60w bulb have certainly passed us by. However having spotlights fitted means re-wiring, plastering and painting. The alternative to this expense is finding an attractive looking spotlight bar, the wiring for this goes via the original light fitting but the metallic bar can hold as many spot lights as you like (depending on the bar you choose) completely changing the look of your kitchen.

Tiles are expensive to replace but if used correctly tile paint can be used to give those tired tiles a revamp and if you follow the instructions on the can the results can look fantastic. You may have tiles in your kitchen with a really dated pattern, or have plain or faded tiles that need touching up with something special – a tile paint job is the cheap option to turn them into attractive modern looking tiles which look like new.

If you want to turn the kitchen into a modern masterpiece it’s worth looking at changing the units themselves, but again new units can cost a lot of money. The best option is to find some replacement kitchen doors. You can find new kitchen doors quite cheaply and some companies can make them to your exact specifications if you know exactly what you’re looking for. However, most modern kitchens now are simplistic in design with plain white doors without the old routing that many used to see. It an easy and cost effective job to fit new wooden doors on your kitchen units, and if you have the inclination you can even pick them up really cheaply, sand them down and do your own paint job on them to make them look perfect.

New kitchens are always the best option but for a fraction of the cost you can revive an existing kitchen with some simple changes to leave it looking modern and new.

Daniel Mulrone writes articles on behalf of on all types of interior and exterior doors and accessories.