Simple Ways To Save The Planet

Simple Ways To Save The Planet

There are many ways in which you can save the planet, which are simple to get into, but do require commitment to maintain over time. These ways include everything from getting better at recycling, through to investing in energy saving appliances, moderating the amount of water you use, and driving a hybrid car. Moreover, you can help to save the planet by cutting down on the shopping bags you use, avoiding harsh cleaners, and walking to work more often. These ways, and more, are discussed below:

Improve Your Recycling Habits

Even if you’re already recycling paper and plastic, check to see if there’s more you can do. What you can recycle will depend on your local council, but many now offer food bins. Alternatively, you can start a compost heap in the garden for food waste, and can recycle old batteries, mobile phones and other electrical goods.

Change How Much Water You Use

Over use of water in the home constitutes one of the most wasteful things you can do. Try to switch to a water meter to monitor your use, invest in a low flow shower head, and make sure you turn off running taps when brushing your teeth and shaving.

Invest in Energy Saving Appliances

Many appliances can now be bought with eco labels, and reduce the amount of energy and water used in washing clothes, dishes, and storing food.

Send Less Post

Most cards can now be sent online, and you can often avoid having to deal with paper correspondence. Request online bank statements, complete your bills online, and send e-cards rather than bulk paper cards at busy times like Christmas.

Drive a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars combine a petrol engine and an electric motor, and significantly reduce the amount of CO2 that your vehicle emits. A hybrid car also tends to have better mileage than a regular car, and reduces the amount of petrol that you have to buy.

Start a Garden

This can be as simple as starting a kitchen garden to grow vegetables for your kitchen, or growing plants and fruit outdoor. The benefits to doing so is that you eat more seasonal produce, boost your local ecosystem, and reduce the amount of packaging you get with food.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Harsh chemical cleaners used for the kitchen and the bathroom can be switched to eco friendly alternatives, as well as natural alternatives like white vinegar and baking soda, which can produce the same results.

Cut Down on Bags

One of the easiest ways in which you go greener, cutting down on plastic bags means that when you go shopping you don’t end up with masses of new bags. Invest in a bag for life, and use a backpack and a few plastic bags when you go shopping.

Block Junk Mail

Junk mail through the post annoys most people, and wastes a lot of paper that just gets put into the bin. If you can, always recycle junk mail straight away, and try to opt out through council schemes, or putting notices by your front door.

Walk and Exercise More

Avoiding the use of your car to go to work means that you will get more exercise from walking or biking, while significantly cutting down on your daily carbon footprint.

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