Since You Been Gone: What to Know about Your Burial Options

Since You Been Gone: What to Know about Your Burial Options

Thinking about death will never be easy, but planning out your own burial is one of the best gifts that you can give your loved ones. Instead of forcing your spouse or children to make those decisions, you might want to spend some time figuring out which type of burial is right for you so that they don’t have to make any difficult decisions.

In-Ground Burial

In-ground burials tend to be the most popular because they are convenient and affordable. Those who are interested in this type of burial should contact a few local cemeteries to discuss their rates. Some cemeteries allow you to purchase plots outright while others lease the plots for limited periods of time. If you are a veteran or you have an immediate family member who is a service member, then you should consider a national or state cemetery.

Above Ground Burial

A mausoleum is nothing more than an aboveground structure that was specifically built to entomb one or more individuals. Those buildings can be quite beautiful, but the spaces are usually more expensive than in-ground plots. You also have the option of purchasing and constructing a private mausoleum that only entombs you and your loved ones. Private mausoleums can take up quite a bit of space, and many cemeteries run out of these plots decades in advance.


Cremation is an affordable and practical option that everyone should think about. While cremating will cost a little bit of money upfront, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a spot in a mausoleum or paying the cost of upkeep for a burial plot. Once you are cremated, your loved ones can keep in a special place in one of their homes or spread your ashes in a location of your choosing.

Natural Burial

Many people don’t realize that traditional in-ground burials are very bad for the environment. That practice can release dozens of toxic chemicals into the soil over the course of a few decades, and that is why many people are now choosing natural burials. These burials usually take place in a remote location, and the individual isn’t filled with dangerous chemicals. They are simply wrapped in biodegradable cover and buried out in nature.

In addition to planning out your burial, you should also make sure that your will is up-to-date and valid. When a will is contested or invalid, the testator’s possessions could go into probate, and that might result in a long and expensive legal battle.

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