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Are you a struggling single parent that has had enough of spending endless nights and weekends alone? Do you crave love and romance, yet are afraid to get back into the dating game? Don’t worry, this is extremely common for single parents. Let’s face it, it isn’t easy being a single parent and working as a team to raise a child is so much easier than doing it alone. Trying to balance childcare, work and regular household chores is not an easy task as a single parent and the thought of dating might be utterly on the back burner at times or seem like another task. It doesn’t have to be that way and there are ways to ease back into the dating world without completely losing your head.

Everyone deserves to have love in their lives, including single parents, and if you ready to get back into the dating game, then try these 3 tips to get you started.

Discuss it With Your Kid(s)

If you have older children over the age of 7 years of age, you might want to introduce the fact that you might be meeting up with some new friends from time to time. This does not mean introduce a serious partner as a friend at all as that is a whole different situation. This only eases the blow if you are picked up for a date one night when you have finally gotten a babysitter. Create trust between yourself and the kids by letting them know you want to make some new friends and might go out sometimes. Be very careful about your chosen words as saying ‘mommy wants to fall in love or daddy wants to meet a new girlfriend’ might not work out the way you want. Those words might only end up in tears.

Meeting a Friend of a Friend, Who Knows Another Friend

The best way to break out into the dating world is to go through your friends. They are a safer choice when starting all over again. While online dating could be safe when it comes to screening people, the actual dates may not give you much hope when making your way back into the dating game again. Ask your good friends (friends that truly know what makes you tick) about the possible singles they know and who might be a suitable date for you. Tell your friends what you are seeking in a new partner and what you are not looking for. Be clear about your needs.

Minimize the Pressure and Keep it Light

Do you have a possible date lined up? If so, keep it on the light side. You are not looking for your next wife or husband anytime soon, so just meet for a general coffee or lunch. Getting back into the dating game as a single parent is hard enough without having to stress over what to wear for a fancy dinner or having to come up with a bundle of cash for a chic restaurant.

Now that you have a few tips on how to ease your way back into the dating game minus the pressure and stress, you can get started. Remember, this is your time now to truly seek out what you want in your life with regards to companionship, love and romance. Take is slow, set your standards and find the love that you desire this time around.

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