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Planning a holiday is always exciting, but it can be tough to narrow down all your options and decide between a city getaway, a beach holiday or a guided tour. One of the best choices for a holiday in America is a fly and drive holiday. This kind of trip involves flying to a popular destination and then hiring a car to drive around the area. Here area just a few of the many reasons that these fly and drive holidays are so popular.

Cheaper Flights into Major Cities
When it comes to booking an upcoming holiday in the United States, most of the cheapest flight tickets involve arriving at a major city like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta or Orlando. A fly and drive holiday is a great way to take advantage of these lower fares, as you can fly into a large city, hire a car and then head out to the surrounding areas.

Flexibility with Your Itinerary
Unlike a guided tour, where visitors might need to follow along with the itinerary and schedule each day, a fly and drive holiday gives unprecedented freedom and flexibility. Travellers can choose where they want to go and how long they want to stay there, helping to create a more personalized and enjoyable experience. Whether visitors are interested in flying into San Diego and then driving along the California coastline or flying into New York and then driving around the upstate nature reserves, there are countless opportunities to customize the holiday itinerary.

Chances to Really Experience the Local Culture
One of the major benefits involved with a fly and drive holiday is the chance to really experience the local culture. Rather than only seeing the urban cities, visitors with a car at their disposal will have the opportunity to travel to suburban neighbourhoods, rural attractions and more.

Explore Less Crowded Attractions
One of the downsides to visiting a large city like New York City, Los Angeles or Atlanta is that the major attractions, such as the Georgia Aquarium and the Statue of Liberty, are typically quite crowded. By having access to a hired car, travellers have the opportunity to see the less busy and less touristy attractions that dot the American countryside.

Driving Experience on the Open Road
Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of taking a fly and drive holiday is the chance to get behind the wheel on an open road. Many of the highways in America are very famous and offer amazing spectacular views. A few of these include the coastal highways of California and Route 66.

Appeal to All Travellers
Those who are visiting America as a group or as a family might want to consider fly and drive holidays as a way to better appeal to all members of the party. The flexible itinerary allows each person to have a say in where the group goes each day, and may help to make the holiday more enjoyable.

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