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Scintillating, Sensuous, Stylish – That’s Key West!

One of the most colorful and popular destinations in the US is also one of the most romantic – and sexy – places in the world to get married. The island city is a favorite wedding destination throughout the year, but in the winter there’s no place better to get hitched without a passport. But it isn’t just the weather, there’s something about Key West’s live and let live culture that releases inhibitions. For that and these six reasons, Key West is a one very sexy place to hook uhhh… I mean, hitch up:

  1. Gorgeous Stretches of Sandy Beaches– For many brides; a beach wedding on a desert island is the quintessential dream wedding. Long before they were engaged they imagined a wedding day at the water’s edge, the soft crash of gentle waves on the sand, vows spoken against a dramatic sunset backdrop. To add the man you love to that picture makes the for the most romantic night of your life – long after you’ve left the reception the soft, irresistible glow of that moment, and sounds of the waves on shore outside your hotel will rock you in your partner’s arms.There are a lot of beaches on the island and each has distinct features that make them special as a location for a marriage ceremony. Smathers Beach has lots of coconut palms, which lend the ultimate tropical feeling to a ceremony. The beach at Fort Zachary, a state park on the southwestern tip of the island is the perfect spot for a ceremony at sunset. There’s also Higgs Beach, the beach on Sunset Island, and the beaches behind most of the resort hotels.
  2. A Romantic Marriage At Sea. For many brides, the dream of a beach wedding faded when they realized they could get married on the ocean. From a luxury catamaran with room for more than 100 guests, to a sloop perfect for 6 people, the choices for getting married on the water are endless in Key West. You could even get married in a “mangrove island cathedral” on kayaks, if paddling is your passion. There is something about the rocking motion of the boat, the smell of the sea and the warm tropical breeze caressing your skin that will send you to your room early.
  3. Your Dream Wedding Setting is a Lush Tropical Garden. The Southernmost City has several historic homes with sumptuous gardens seductively scented with the flowers of tropical vines What a sensual setting for your ceremony and reception! The Oldest House on Duval Street is in the middle of the action and when the ceremony and reception is over the party can move to the wilder side of Key West in only a few steps – and Key West nightlife definitely gets pretty wild and sexy. The Audubon House and the Hemingway House are also very popular with brides. Another favorite venue is and there is the garden of West Martello Tower at Higgs Beach. The Civil War era tower has a fascinating history – and more than a couple of hidden spots where you can slip away for moment’s tryst.
  4. You Want Your Guests To Have As Much Fun As You Do. It’s hard to find a destination with a greater appeal to folks of all sorts of appetites. In the days leading up to your wedding, your guests will have fun filled, action packed days. They will enjoy watersports – from deep sea fishing, — a perfect bonding adventure for the groom his best man and the two dads – jetski tours, snorkeling and diving trips, sailing, kite surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding … the list goes on. Your wedding planner can also arrange fun group activities – such as the ridiculously fun Key West Scavenger Hunt. Your family and guests will be having a blast, leaving plenty of time for the two of you to be alone.
  5. Key West Has the Best Planners and Vendors. The Southernmost City is one of the most popular destination wedding spots in the US – and popularity translates to the experience to make your wedding day the dream come true that you deserve. You’ll have a huge choice of wedding photographers, musicians, DJs, hair dressers, make-up artists, caterers, bakers, florists, officiants – and there are terrific solutions for every budget. Whatever you need, Key West is stylin’! And while that might not seem all that romantic, not having to stress on one single detail lets you put all your focus on the love of your life.
  6. Honeymoon Right Now! You want to combine a tropical honeymoon with a destination wedding and never leave the US. There isn’t a more sensual, idyllic getaway than an island honeymoon – ic – sandy beaches, warm water for lolling in the arms of your darling, a beautiful sunset over the water every evening – combined with a wild nightlife and great restaurants — Key West is one of the most fun and most romantic honeymoon spots in the United States. And the best part is there’s no plane ride to your honeymoon destination. When the ceremony is over and the bouquet is tossed you’re only a few minutes away from your honeymoon suite and the arms of your beloved.

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  1. Whoever wrote this should really get their facts straight.

    First of all, NONE of the beaches in Key West are “stretches of sandy beach”. The island is a gigantic piece of coral. Thus, most of the beaches are rocky and you’re lucky if you catch the time of year when the sand has been shipped in from the Bahamas and laid out on the handful of very small beaches that exist on the island. Secondly, it’s called Sunset Key not Sunset Island. It’s also misleading to leave out the part about it costing money to get married at Ft Zach and even more money to get married on Sunset Key.

    This article makes it sound like Key West is the ultimate in intimate high end weddings when in fact the majority of weddings are nothing more than extremely budget, hawaiin shirt & David’s Bridal wearing couples with all the flowers & cakes being carbon copies of one another & guests who are more interested in the open bar than paying attention to the ceremony. And to top it off, no matter how much money someone is willing to spend on their wedding, unless they rent a private house with gated beach access, there is nothing private on this island.

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