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Sizing Leather Jackets: How To Get Measured For A Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets are extremely popular for all types of fashionable wear, and are warm too.  You can find jackets in a variety of styles and thicknesses, so that you can wear them at any time of the year (unless it’s very hot, in which case you skip the jacket). However, more and more people are frequently finding that it’s difficult to find quality leather jackets in shops, and are turning to online stores.

Buying leather jackets online means two things. The first is that you’re probably going to get a slightly better deal than in a shop and the second is that you will have to get measured before you buy.

Many jacket makers use different sizing techniques, but will usually list the actual measurements of the jacket for your convenience. Here’s how to measure yourself for your jacket.

Measure Your Shoulders
The first and most important step of measuring yourself for a leather jacket is to measure the shoulders. Remember that leather tends to be somewhat stiff, so you won’t have a lot of extra room to breathe if it is too tight. Either have a friend help, or put your hands behind your back. With a measuring tape (soft or rigid in this case), measure the distance from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of your opposite shoulder. Write this number down and then measure again to verify.

Around The Chest
You will also have to measure around your chest. Wrap a soft tape measure around the widest part of your chest (this is true for both men and women), and mark the measurement. If this is going to be a winter coat, most tailors recommend that you take the measurements while wearing a sweater or two, just to make sure that the jacket will fit over your winter assemble. For summer or spring coats, you can just wear a t-shirt or blouse while measuring.

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Shoulder to Waist
While it doesn’t seem important to most people, many shops have a length of the jacket measurement. If you’re concerned about where the jacket will fall on your waist, you should measure yourself from the top of your shoulder to the start of your hip. Mark this down and compare it to the store measurements.

Your best bet for finding a leather jacket that fits you properly is to compare your measurements with those on a store size chart. If the measurements on the jacket are too small in one place but too big elsewhere, it will probably be too small for you. Make sure that all of the measurements will fit you before purchasing the jacket.

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