Small Business Advertising – Basic Ways to Improve Your Business

Small Business Advertising – Basic Ways to Improve Your Business


It is well known that the key to every successful business lies in good advertising. Promoting your business is a great way to build from small businesses to big companies. What good are your products to the customers, if your business stays local and unheard of? It is quite often that you see small businesses stay like this, simply because they are not properly trained in any form of marketing. This is essential for every business owner who wishes to succeed and keep the company’s name on the market.

There are many forms of marketing which can greatly improve your business over time. We will talk of some of the basic small business marketing tactics which will significantly help you in presenting your small business to the potential customers.

First Things First!

yourlogohereLOGO! You need a great company logo. It is well known that people remember pictures better than words. This logo must be catchy and needs to reflect your company in order to draw customers. What do I mean by “reflecting your company”? Well, think of it this way. If you see a clown for a lawyer’s company logo, you will surely not think about hiring them for law services, wouldn’t you? Think well about your company’s logo. This will be implemented in all forms of your business promotion and advertisement. Keep this on your mind, no matter what language McDonald’s is spelled on, everyone knows the double archway.

Promotions, Pamphlets, Coupons and Freebies!

Promotional material plays a great role in your company’s advertisement. Keep that in mind. This is far cheaper method than media advertisement, for example. Spending a lot of money at the very beginning for a TV commercial can be pretty destructive. Do not rush with such big expenses. It is a matter of great importance to think small at first, in order to build up your business “empire”.


People like free stuff! I, myself, have a great number of pens, lighters and key chains given to me by various companies which were promoting their business. This is actually a great form of cheap widespread marketing. I mean, who doesn’t have a pen which, for example, he received from the bank he has opened an account at? This is exactly why we said that you think your logo through and try out various designs before you choose. Your logo goes everywhere here.

Pamphlets and flyers have to be designed to present your products and quick, short, relevant content about them. They can be both given away at your company’s office and in the street by your company promoters. Keep in mind that almost 80% of flyers find their way to trash bins all over the city. Done this way, you won’t promote your business to potential buyers and cannot create a target list. However, this is still a great form of advertising, being that people trust people more than machines, and by sharing promotional material this way, you can interact and inform people of your products and services.

Coupons… Yeah, we all like coupons. Why in the world wouldn’t you like them? You might think I’m silly, but put yourself in your customers’ position. Basic business psychology, if I had an option for some product to be delivered to me or to go to the store and get a 30% discount with my coupon, yeah, I would leave my house without even thinking about it. This way you will pull more people to your company’s office (store) and, well, they might as well be presented with other products and services that you offer while they are there, am I right? Why not informing them about your latest new product which they might be interested in and giving them a pen or a keychain with your business card and logo?

Business BoosterThere are many simple and little marketing tricks that can significantly improve your business. By doing this, you are not improving your business, but you are getting trained for even greater marketing moves which you will make to build up your business empire. As we mentioned, think small and you will reach big. Start looking through the customer’s eyes, no matter what line of business you are in. This will help you in creating a long-term business relationships and then you can be sure you have done your advertising well.

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