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You may be a small business, but the last thing that you can afford is to look small! Fake it until you make it is one of the prime directives of small business success, and one of the first ways that you can think about making it is through your website. Everyone has a web presence these days, and if you do not, you are falling behind.

However, we have all heard jokes about silly websites and websites that obviously tell you that the owner is an amateur. How can you make sure that your website is telling the world the right things about you?

Make sure that it is mobile friendly. More and more people are getting their internet information through their phones, and if your site is too clunky to work with a modern smartphone, you will find that you are falling behind.

Skip the video and the sound. Video and sound that plays as soon as the page opens is a real issue. Due to the differences in browsers and security settings, you can never be sure that the viewer is seeing what you want them to see. With that in mind, video and sound can still be great tools. Simply make sure that the viewer is activating them out of their own free will, rather than because they simply opened your site.

Hire a professional. If you are new to web design, or if you cannot devote the amount of time to it that you need to, do yourself a favor and hire someone. If you are invested in making sure that your website looks good, be willing to invest money or trade. There are plenty of great up and coming web designers, so start interviewing. Put together a budget and a timeline and make sure that you are getting what you need out of the site.

Choose good colors. Remember that your website should reflect your business. For example, if you offer some kind of legal services, make sure that your colors are brown, gold or anything else that denotes stability or prestige. On the other hand, if you sell items related to babies, white, soft pink and pale blue are the ways to go. The colors that you choose should blend well, and they should give your viewer the impression of what you are all about as soon as they come to your site.

Figure out the functionality. What should someone be able to do on your website? The most simple website simply tells the world that you exist, but most people opt for something more functional. For example, do you want a contact form? Do you want people to be able to buy things directly off of your website? What about a gallery of your work?

Your website should be one of your top priorities. Make sure that you consider how you can make it shine!

Article from Web Design by Vicky. Vicky has worked in web design for many years, she serves small businesses in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area and loves all things design.