Smarter outsourcing for small businesses

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are keys to economic success in an uncertain financial world. They are the start-ups and the “mom and pop” stores that are fueling a financial revolution. The recent rise of successful businesses is the attention to detail needed to achieve daily and weekly tasks. How they achieve success is partly due to the business itself and the rest is often due to smart outsourcing to online businesses.

In order to achieve success, a business has to be willing to delegate responsibilities to online services. The reason a business delegates tasks and responsibilities is to keep a close eye on day-to-day operations. The more a business delegates, the more in tune it can be with the No. 1 goal, expanding profitability.

When selecting the right company to outsource company tasks, consider what is needed for the business. The online services available to small businesses include accounting, HR services and shipping.


When a business looks for an accounting firm to outsource tasks, several factors come into play. The type of services provided, the software used and additional resources the firm brings to the table are a few factors to consider.

  • Ernst & Young: This firm has provided accounting assistance to small and large businesses for more than 100 years. The firm specializes in tax accounting, with a focus on tax function performance and tax risk.
  • Smart Tax Professional Services: This firm specializes in small businesses and start-ups. The services provided include, outsourced accounting departments, bookkeeping, vendor accountability checks, reconciliation of banking accounts and preparation of financial statements.

HR Services

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People are one of the reasons a small business functions on a daily basis. When a business takes care of the people, the people take care of the organization. One of the most versatile firms in HR services includes:

  • Paycor: This firm provides a multitude of services, but a specialty is HR services. The HR Support center from Paycor is a comprehensive online tool providing best practices in accordance with local, state and federal labor laws. The firm also provides employment screening and services that transmits benefits electronically. The software used is the Internet-based HR Performer.


When a business needs to send something either down the street or across the globe, shipping firms are there to assist and take the responsibility out of the hands of the small business. The firms providing the best services include:

  • FreightCenter.com: This firm specializes in working with small businesses to help them cut costs. The firm works with other reputable carriers in order to provide the lowest price available. A business enters what needs to be shipped, and the company schedules pickup and ensures a timely delivery. The company uses 3PL software that assists in reducing labor costs.

After selecting the right company to outsource tasks, a small business will see the benefits. The benefits are that owners will have the ability to pay greater attention to details of the operation. When a business has the opportunity to pay closer attention to the small details, the end result is success.

About the Author: Joseph Baker is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. A graduate of the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, he enjoys writing about business and professional development.


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