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Smartphones Greatly Influence Shopping Behavior

Gone are the days when you needed to scan the Sunday paper for the best deals or visit five department stores to know you found the lowest price. The web alone has made shopping easier for consumers, but smartphones has made consumer shopping a no-brainer.

Social Media Perks

Brands and retail outlets have mastered how to get Facebook likes: By offering coupons and other incentives to Facebook fans. Luckily for retailers, most users can access Facebook and other social media profiles from their phone. According to InsideFacebook.com, 432 million smartphone users connect to Facebook through their phones.

Coupons Sent Directly to You

Sign up for Foursquare, become a frequent visitor of certain locations, and you just might receive coupons and discounts simply for visiting. Some retailers and service providers have also initiated text messaging campaigns where they text specials to opted-in customers.

Price Checking Apps Influence Shopping Behavior

By installing an app such as Barcode Scanner or RedLaser you can scan an item while in the store and see how other retailers price the item. There’s no better way to know that you are getting the best deal.

Other Convenient Apps

Download a recipe app that will give you a list of ingredients for your favorite casserole.  Download Trendabl to your iPhone and see where your friends bought their outfits. Convenient apps such as these make shopping easier than ever.

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Crowd Source

Not sure which one of the 12 burgers to order off the menu? Ask your Facebook friends or Twitter followers for feedback.

Buying Online

According to the UK Guardian, smartphones outsell computers in Europe. That means some consumers actually do their online shopping from their phones. Whether the user browses an ecommerce site from their mobile browser or receives emails from group buying sites like the Gilt Group or Groupon, smartphones make it easy to purchase online products and services.

QR Codes

More and more menus, billboards, flyers, and other print marketing pieces include the black and white QR codes. When these small images are scanned with a smartphone, the user is sent to a website with detailed information about the product or service.

Simple Web Access

Even without the latest app or the ability to “like” a brand, smartphones have still changed consumer shopping behavior. By simply being able to access the web for reviews, instructions, and other details, we’re much more comfortable making a purchase at a brick and mortar store.

This is a guest post by Allison Murray on behalf of market research company, Scarborough Research. Scarborough consumer insights, including automotive statistics and other consumer market research data are used by marketers and media professionals to develop successful marketing programs.

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