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Smoking Cessation With Electric Cigarettes

E-cigarettes or electric cigarettes are quickly becoming popular not only as a cheaper and safer alternative to smoking, but also as a smoking cessation device. While e-cigs don’t help you to quit smoking, they can help you to slowly reduce your nicotine cravings until you can quit it entirely.  If you’re willing to give it a try. So how does quitting smoking with e-cigarettes actually work?

How E-cigarettes Work
Electronic cigarettes work using a liquid, an atomizer and a battery. Usually the liquid and atomizer are combined into one device known as a cartomizer which works to store the liquid and heat it into vapour. E-liquid contains nicotine in mg which allows you to judge how much you get in any given day, or control the strength of your cigarettes.

Electric cigarettes vaporise the e-liquid, allowing you to inhale it through the lungs in the same way as cigarette smoke. This gives you an authentic smoking experience without the dangers of smoke. However, anyone smoking e-cigarettes should make sure that they don’t smoke too much nicotine; it’s still dangerous in large amounts.

How You Can Quit Smoking

Most smoking cessation methods involve slowly lowering your nicotine intake until your addiction is lessened and you can easily put them down at any time. E-cigarettes do the same thing but put you in more control of your nicotine intake. They also put you off to a healthy start because without the smoke and tar building up in your lungs, your cilia will begin to heal, any cough you have will begin to go away and you will have more energy and sleep better.

People who want to use electric cigarettes to quit smoking will usually start out with the highest strength e-liquid and then slowly go down in steps towards less nicotine. You won’t be happy with the new liquid for a few days after you get it, but once your body adjusts, you’re one more step towards quitting. Most e-cigs even offer nicotine free options so you can give in to your habit of smoking without having the nicotine as well. Usually it’s handy to purchase a set amount of liquid with one amount of nicotine (usually 2 to 3 weeks) and then next time you purchase, go one step down.

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Using electric cigarettes to quit smoking is not a guaranteed method of smoking cessation. What it is, is a way to give yourself control over your nicotine intake so that you can slowly step down and pull away from the addiction. It’s not fast and you won’t see results over night, but it will help you to take control. Remember that it is still your choice and that you have to want to quit if you want to succeed.

There are many reasons to smoke E Cigarettes such as that you want to quit smoking, improve your health or just save money.

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