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When you hit the snow on your snowmobile, you want to make sure that you have everything that you need. There are different pieces of snowmobile gear that you need to ensure that you have a good time and are safe.


Snowmobiles can get up to fast speeds and you can fall off of it. You want to be able to protect your head so that you can avoid a serious injury, such as concussion or traumatic brain injury. Make sure that the helmet you get is made for snowmobiling. For example, a bicycle helmet will not do the job. You want a helmet that fits perfectly and fully covers your face once the clear face shield is brought down.


You need clothes that are both warm and waterproof. Your pants and jacket should be made for snowmobiling. They should be thick enough to block out the cold and made of a material that keeps the snow and wetness out. You should also follow these basic guidelines when it comes to choosing a pair of gloves that are right for this sport. Underneath, you will also want to wear special clothing. Go for a shirt, pants and socks that are made of a synthetic material so that they wick away moisture so that you are not soaked in sweat.

Lastly, you need boots. Your boots should be warm and waterproof just like your jacket and pants. In addition, you want your boots to have good traction and grip so that you lower your risk of falling off of your snowmobile.


Goggles are generally attached to your helmet so when you go to buy them, make sure that you have your helmet with you. They look more like face shields than traditional goggles like you would see in deep sea diving or snorkeling. These should fit perfectly and not allow any snow or wetness to get into your helmet or behind your goggles. You also want to ensure that they fit right to help prevent fogging. If they are too big for you, you risk them fogging up and obstructing your vision as you are trying to drive your snowmobile.