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Advertisements are splashed across every media or communicative forum whether it is the television, the internet or the incredibly flashy billboards across town. However, when a product is being advertised immensely in the media and is being endorsed by celebrities and known personalities, then there must be something about it that is getting it this much attention and effort. HCG drops are no different. Overtaking the media by storm, HCG drops are so highly advertised that there is hardly a person who hasn’t heard of it. And those who haven’t probably live on the poles of the Earth.

Why the media hype about HCG drops?

If there is a thing, a good thing, then it is bound to cause a commotion amongst the public. The HCG drops are fast gaining popularity because they are a really fast way to lose weight. Obese people who are tired of dieting and exercising and shedding off the extra pounds at a slow pace are looking for something that can pull them out of their misery. These particular drops are pretty bent on doing so! More so, there is yet to hear something bad about. All the reviews that have come in about the HCG drops are in the positive realm. And if this isn’t enough, there are absolutely no side effects to take HCG drops. HCG drops are just a hormone that is already present inside your body, but in a low quantity. A high quantity doesn’t do any harm either.

The media hype is also created because of the strange wonders of this diet. Many doctors and physicians come to discuss the facts about HCG drops on talk shows and morning shows to tell people what they think about it.

Has the media exaggerated?

Of course, there is always the threat present of overly done compliments on products that might not be completely true. However, this isn’t the case with the HCG drops. There are a number of videos present on YouTube and DailyMotion where doctors and hosts and starlets speak of this diet in good terms. If people such as Oprah have mentioned this diet, then one can really be sure it must be SOMETHING. The companies that make HCG drops also guarantee your money back if it doesn’t make you lose weight or there are no effects or changes happening after taking it. It is a nice way to gain the trust of all the people who are planning to take HCG drops.

Any disadvantages of taking HCG drops that are not mentioned in the social media?

Possibly when you try to make your product famous, you only mention the good things and not a bad thing. The HCG drops have so many good factors that are highly publicized that people wonder or not this could be true. And it is. The HCG drops have no negative side effects at all and all they do is make your metabolism work better so that you can consume energy at the right speed according to the speed of eating that you do.

Is information on HCG all reliable?

HCG information is most likely available on every social forum that exists be it Facebook, YouTube or even the old Orkut! If someone feels that something is not right, they can always ask freely on the communities or group discussions that are formed on HCG and counter check the information on the other websites. However, there isn’t anything to be worried about because all the positive reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. They are more powerful than all the advertisements in the social media.

The HCG drops diet is a pretty fast way to lose weight and some are concerned whether it affects the health of the person who is on the diet. It doesn’t. In fact, it ensures that you live a healthier lifestyle because even other than losing weight, HCG drops make you sleep better, more active when you’re awake and when you lose the extra pounds or kilograms, it just makes you a happier and lighter person. It really could be the best discovery for the people of this century, especially those that are hooked on fast food and fizzy drinks.

Rotem, an expert diet and fitness author, runs his own research-based websites that offer neutral and credible HCG diet reviews on a variety of top selling HCG drops.