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My friend Sue is what most people would call a diva. She is hot as a stove and she knows it. It sometimes makes me uncomfortable; walking with her is a nightmare! The cat-calls and the woof whistles. Sue is has a small pert body, and her 34Bs look amazing on her.

The other day, we were out shopping and we were doing some shopping and she started complaining about how the underwire bra was making her almost lose her mind. She told me that it was great that they gave her the lift needed for that wow effect, but that after a few washes, the underwire would start poking into her skin. The overall effect was not so pleasing and the rash that came with it was making her loose her sexiness. No one would want rashes on the underside of breasts in this day and age!

She had been looking for an underwire bra that could withstand more than a few washes but had met no success. It was like looking for the Holy Grail, both pointless and expensive.
As we were talking, the store attendant overheard our conversation, and asked us if we had tried an alternative. The alternative was the soft cup bra. Sue was unconvinced, and thought that the soft cup was for teenagers and nursing mothers, but the store attendant was undeterred.

She told us that the soft cup came in many different designs and above all, offered the comfort that her underwire lacked. She also told Sue that with breasts like hers that were perky on their own, she did not need the added lift of an underwire. They are not a let-down in the support department either. Soft cups even came in different colors and finishes and still maintained that wow effect. We tried them on and the comfort itself was enough to sell it. They felt wonderful, like a breast massage without the grossness. They even cost a lot less than the average underwire, so we could get more for the same amount of money!

Soft cup bras are just the right lingerie any woman will definitely love. Imagine wearing something comfortable underneath and you get to do whatever you like. Sue had no doubts love the feeling of these soft bras. The next thing I know, she’s going through online shopping and found lots of heavenly bras on sale.

That store attendant knew what she was talking about.

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