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When it comes to moving large, bulky items, caster wheels can make the job easier. They are ideal for all types of objects including chairs, desks, computer carts, tubs, storage bins and much more. Virtually any object that needs to be moved can be put on caster wheels.

What is a caster?


Although it is often mistaken for the wheel itself, a caster is actually the part of the wheel that rotates on the shaft or axis at the center of the wheel. Wheels, on the other had are solid or spoked round objects. Common types of wheels include steel wheels, polyurethane wheels, polyolefin wheels, V-grove wheels, hard rubber wheels and phenolic wheels. Often times, wheels that are composed of a single material have a solid design instead of a spoked design.

What are some common types of casters?

There are dozens of types of these on the market. Each one is designed with a specific use in mind. Here are some common types of caster and details about what they might be used for:

– Standard plate caster. This caster is available for light duty jobs or heavy duty jobs. A light duty caster can carry up to 350 pounds while a medium duty standard plate caster has a maximum capacity of 1200 pounds.

– Stern caster. A stern caster is typically made of poly urethane or soft rubber. These soft materials do not scratch floors and enable you to move objects quickly and easily.

– Medical caster. This caster allows medical equipment to be moved from room to room quickly. This allows medical professionals to move heavy medical equipment from room to room in order to treat patients.

– Stainless steel caster.
This caster does not rust and are ideal for use in environments that are frequently exposed to moisture.

– Food service caster. These are special types of caster that are designed to fit a wide range of food-service objects. Food service-casters are designed for refrigerators, pizza ovens, ranges, fryers and many more objects.

– Heavy industrial caster. Like those made for the food service industry, there are many varieties of heavy duty caster. These high performance devices can carry anywhere from 3500 pounds to over a ton.

– Triple swivel caster wheels. This caster is perfect for dollies or similar bulky items.

When you are looking to move objects of any size, a caster can make it easy. With so many types of them available, there is sure to be one that fits your unique needs.